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This is the thread for general videogame discussion that doesn't belong in other threads.
No casuals huh? Well its a good thing that the only thing people around here play is Angry Birds : Candy Crushville.

A friend and I SMK for old time's sake. I am Creppy Gren Lugii and he is Supper Todd 67. Also I did some classy video editing in Ghost Valley 1 and Mario Circuit 2. To be honest it's not as fun as I remember it, Super Circuit is better in every category hands down.

Also he's playing poorly because of control lag.
excellent editing and netplay lag sounds

Never was a fan of Q*bert though.
How would you like your rumors today?

  • Retro Studios and Monster Games have been collaborating on Diddy Kong Racing 2.
  • Kensuke Tanabe, the producer of Donkey Kong Country Returns and Tropical Freeze, pitched the idea of Dillon (from Dillon’s Rolling Western) to be one of the racers in the game. Tanabe was the producer of Dillon’s Rolling Western, and he liked the idea of having a roster of lesser known Nintendo characters.
  • Tanabe thought that the concept of lesser known Nintendo characters “fighting to be Nintendo’s big star” could prove to be interesting for Diddy Kong Racing. Characters such as Mallo (Pushmo) and Rusty (Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball) were also added as racers to fill out the roster.
  • Nintendo purposely held off from showing Diddy Kong Racing 2 at E3 this year to avoid sabotaging the excitement around Mario Kart 8. It sounds like Diddy Kong Racing 2 will be revealed sometime in 2015, and released that same year.
  • Diddy Kong was taken out of Mario Kart 7 and 8 because of Diddy Kong Racing 2. Diddy Kong had appeared in Double Dash and Mario Kart Wii.
if this isn't real i'm holding you accountable
Considering that Krunch and Diddy are the only characters from the original game that could make a return, I think I'd rather just see concepts and characters folded into the Mario Kart franchise.
Why- Why would they even want to do that and Diddy Kong racing isn't that spetacular either. Pretty sure it's a hoax~
Shut cho' mouth, DKR is a classic.
Why would Nintendo let that happen if they already have Mario Kart 8? I'm pretty sure they want Mario Kart 8 to sell as much and as long as it can(like Mario Kart Wii), so they wouldn't make a game that could even potentially damage the sells. Plus the Wii U isn't doing good enough to make a game that might not sell well anyway.

I could see them putting it on 3DS though. But, as part of recent Nintendo game hoaxes, it has to be on Wii U.
(07-10-2014, 07:24 PM)Neweegee Wrote: [ -> ]Plus the Wii U isn't doing good enough to make a game that might not sell well anyway.
Guess they should cancel Splatoon then, because new IPs never sell well.

It doesn't matter that they could heavily advertise it to the public at large, or that it was met with massive acclaim and recognition at E3, or that it has the potential of widespread appeal; all of that is moot because the Wii U is selling poorly, so they'd better cancel that game and every other game that isn't Smash Bros. or Zelda because they carry the risk of not catching on. It's not that people buy Nintendo consoles for things other than Smash Bros., Mario Kart, or Zelda- oh wait a minute

Seriously though, come either the middle or the end of 2015 (this game's supposed release date), the Wii U will have amassed quite the library of new games (i.e., Smash, Splatoon, Bayonetta 2, and most of everything else announced at E3), and more people will have bought one because of things other than Mario Kart anyway. Plus, there's nothing wrong with having a larger variety of games, which is pretty much what people on the fence about the system are waiting on. To add on to that, some MK8 fan might look at DKR2 and say, "Ooh, a racing game with Diddy Kong... and it has airplanes and crap!", so the game actually has a chance of being a hit with wacky kart-racer fans.

Also, the original Diddy Kong Racing and the DS remake didn't stop Mario Kart 64 and Mario Kart DS respectively from being the best selling games on their consoles. Hell, Excitebots didn't stop Mario Kart Wii from selling for as long as it did. No offense to Diddy Kong, but Mario Kart is higher on the Nintendo franchise food chain; I don't see this game (of questionable existence) putting a stop to Mario Kart 8's sales.

Not that I'm saying this rumor is legit or anything. I'm just saying things.
/\ Thanks for correcting me, I didn't think of that.

Also, not sure if anyone has seen this or not, but someone dug up an unreleased Super Mario 64 "Disk Version"

Seems pretty much like the original game; the only differences I see is that there are slow(at least compared to the original game) loading times, and a different title screen that kinda looks... not legit.
So there's no expanded/extra/bonus/beta content.