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Is it possible to get a notification when someone puts a comment below a submitted sheet? It would be easier to respond when someone asks a question about it.
Edit: Or better, just a list with comments from others on your submitted sheets.
This functionality will be implemented directly on the comments page in the next version of the site but in the meantime, you can still get what you're looking for via an RSS feed. Here's the feed URL for comments made to your submissions:

And here's a preview of what an online reader would show:

You can use that feed to get notifications for comments posted on your sheets if you set up a reader correctly. Definitely a little cumbersome at the moment but possible until it's implemented directly, at least.
I just had an idea, since the customs sections for larger franchises like Mario are split up into subseries due to the sheer number of submissions for them, what if on those sections there was a "See also" with links to the related customs pages, since casual browsers might for example wonder why the Mario Customs section has no Fawful sprites, but if there was a link to the Mario & Luigi customs page, they would know that's where they should look for characters exclusive to that series. These links could also be applied to Donkey Kong, Yoshi and Wario customs since those characters all have a strong presence in the Mario series but they all are absent from the Mario Customs page (with the exception of Wario being in some sheets that include both him and Waluigi, but that raises another oddity that sprites of Waluigi go in Mario customs but sprites of Wario go in Wario customs, i get that Waluigi hasn't appeared in a Wario game but it still feels odd the two are separated)

I think the best way to handle this would be on the customs page of the parent series, have links to the customs pages of the spinoff series, and on each spinoff page, have a link to the main one. Having them entirely segregated as if they're different IPs doesn't quite sit right with me. Especially since out of all the Marioverse customs, I only ever see the Mario Customs section in the popular selection, so I can imagine casual users may look for any Marioverse character there and when they don't find it, assume nobody ever submitted any when in reality it's in a spinoff section that you'd currently have to find by sorting by the first letter of it (which you'd only do if you knew it existed to begin with). Or by seeing a submission in it that's either in the latest update or in the recent uploads on the home page.
I get where you're coming from here but this would be far too complicated to actually implement. As it stands, there is nothing on the back end to support this kind of linking and adding in that kind of functionality would be a huge amount of work for an arguably small portion of the site (customs are important but this feature wouldn't really be used anywhere else). I think, in the end, if someone was looking at Mario customs and wanted to find Fawful, they'd just search for Fawful.
make an fps genre
(07-17-2023, 03:56 PM)crackerstealerroblox Wrote: [ -> ]make an fps genre
That's what the "shooter" genre is for.
On spritesheets that have a pending revision, add a "pending revision cancel" button.
The ability to cancel your own pending revision will be included in the new version of the site when it launches. It won't be added to the current version though.
Can there be a section to add notes when submitting a game, like there is when submitting sheets/models/textures/sounds? There are a few instances where I wanted to do this, but had to add the notes to the first sheet I submitted instead. This could be a problem if you want to add separate notes for the sheet, or if you're submitting multiple sheets and don't know which one will be seen first.
Generally, the game is just a container - name, icon, category, genre - what would you need to specify that would require notes on a game entry?
One time I wanted to add notes to a game was to specify why I put it in a particular section.

For Micro Mages, I explained that, while the game was a homebrew for the NES, the sounds I uploaded were taken from the Steam version (this version lets you adjust music and SFX separately, which is why it uses audio files stored in the game's folder rather than emulating the sound). I still had it filed under 'NES', but the person who reviewed it changed it to 'PC / Computer' since it was technically from a PC version of the game. So this is a case where my note actually helped them put it in the correct category.

It would also be useful for two games I want to submit in the future: N Step Steve: Part 1 and N Step Steve: Part 2. I'm going to submit these as one game since they re-use most of the same graphics and sounds. However, they are still separate games, not two parts of the same game (which I feel 'Part 1' and 'Part 2' may imply) so I want to make that clear to whoever reviews it. I'm also not entirely sure how I would name it (N Step Steve: Part 1 / Part 2, N Step Steve: Part 1 & 2, or just N Step Steve?), so giving them that information would allow them to figure out the correct naming convention.
Those seem like super-specific edge cases and not enough to justify adding in the feature at the moment though I’ll admit they’re both good examples. I think for now, it would be better to just ask in advance (on the Discord or here) if you have questions about how a particular game should be created. If there seems to be enough justification for doing this later though, I’ll consider adding it to the new version of the site.