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Show the hits of all the sheets in the submitter stats.
Right now only the hits for the most popular sheets are shown.
Umm not sure if this has been suggested but getting more moderators for the resource sites that are falling behind.

also what qualifications do you need to be a moderator just wondering this could be useful to other users as well.

[not trying to sound mean just trying to help the process is all Smile]
I can't speak for qualifications but I can say, in reference to the rest of your post, if it was as simple as just saying "let's get more site staff", it would have been done already. Finding reliable, quality-oriented people who know what they are doing and are willing to give up their own free time on a consistent basis isn't as easy as you might think.
Yeah, I'd like to apologise for the lack of moderation in terms of tSoR. I'm trying to do at least 10 a day but some days I just don't have the time. The fact of the matter is, I need to download the entire sound pack (whether it's 1MB or 100), check out a couple of sounds and make sure there isn't any music, and then also make an game icon if there isn't already one (as is the case with most right now). My internet should get upgraded soonish though (VDSL instead of standard ADSL) so maybe that'll let me do more.

I'll keep trying, it'd be good to have the queue under 100 Tongue
I've been thinking about a VGResource related site and I think it should be called The Music Resource, because we do need music from the video games, but we already have the Sounds Resource site, because we already have the voice clips and sound effects from games, is that too wrong?
Yes. VGR does not and will not host music.
This is because a lot of music is sold by the companies in soundtracks and the like, and redistributing that for free could get us in a lot of trouble.
Maybe we could have a submission count on forum posts like how the Post and Thread counts are there. Though not sure if it's too complicated merging all four submission counts together, it would be nice.
This suggestion comes up all the time and while it would be nice, it can't be done. Submissions aren't tied to forum accounts. Because you can specify a custom submitter name, there is no way to link the number of submissions made to an individual user ID.
The only way we could do it is have it display the number based on the entry you have as your submitter name. And that would mean people can put whatever they want in and have it display anyone's submission number.
(11-03-2014, 10:21 PM)Vipershark Wrote: [ -> ]Yes. VGR does not and will not host music.

What about like, soundfonts for older consoles and/or games?

(not the sequence or score, but they're basically ripped like sounds but it's each individual sound in the game's score - think like the synthesized drum sample that overlays the music when you're sitting on Yoshi from SMW; ripping each note of that individually, along with the other instrument samples in SMW - and end users can arrange these boops and beeps into their own, almost game-accurate original music)

it'd benefit chiptune composers, basement DJs, and curious teenagers alike. I'd assume the legality of that would be somewhere like ripping a model from a game sans the skeleton
I don't know if it falls under the same exact category as soundtracks per se, but we've always tried to avoid instrument samples in submissions.
Would it be possible to implement an advanced search feature?
To what end? What is it you want to search against?
You know, adding custom filters when searching on the site, like searching individual systems or searching only games or sheets, and searching a whole string instead of individual words (my main gripe with the current search system, as you type a game's name and it comes with a load of junk).