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Possible Xbox One Tab for the newer consoles? we have the Playstation 4 so i think we should also have the Xbox One there as well for all of them?
(03-11-2022, 03:15 AM)MMDGLaDOS Wrote: [ -> ]Possible Xbox One Tab for the newer consoles? we have the Playstation 4 so i think we should also have the Xbox One there as well for all of them?
That would require Xbox One games to even be able to be extracted in the first place.
Maybe consider raising the number of systems displayed on TSR from 25 to 30.
I think 25 is sufficient. That list is popularity-based so the top 25 consoles (reset each month) are displayed automatically.
I don't think 30 would be too much, plus it would help a few systems get more exposure.
On the fence about this because both of those make good points. Do feel some of those in the Other Systems are more on the borderline. While a lot of these aren't ever going to be popular enough to make a Top ranking, some like the PS4 and the TurboGrafx-16 aren't much further away than the Top 25 and could do with the extra exposure. To use an English football comparison, they are the West Bromwich Albion of sprite ripping. Too good for the Championship yet not good enough for the Premier League.

On the other hand, some of those that's already part of the Top 25 are only made popular due to a single game or a single game series e.g. Game Gear wouldn't even be on the Top 25 at all if it wasn't for Sonic that the majority of fans themselves shrug against its existence or PS3 for Persona 5 (why when the superior Royal version is also ripped?). Of course, this is an issue that has been ongoing from the start since there will always be a dominate series on certain consoles that skew the rating systems a bit (e.g. Pokémon for the entire Game Boy series, Sonic for the Genesis).

Had visibility regarding mobile devices wouldn't be an issue, then the easiest and fairest solution would be to just list all the systems. Yet it wouldn't be compatible with the layout that the site uses.

If tSR was done by the older grouped by series like it was pre-2008, then you'll more or less only going to get the most popular series and games pushing everything else away.
So to give some insight here, this setting is global (e.g. the top x count applies to all sites) so as it's configured right now, it wouldn't be applied to just tSR. 25 is a nice, round number that keeps a reasonable number of "main" consoles without expanding the left navigation too much and while 30 wouldn't make much of a difference, there's always going to be someone saying "5 more wouldn't hurt" so a line does need to be drawn somewhere. For reference, the 5 additional consoles that would be displayed right now if the limit was increased to 30 are, in descending order of hit count: TurboGrafx-16, PlayStation Vita, Saturn, WonderSwan / WSC, and NEC PC-9801. You could technically figure this out yourself on the stats page but I figured I'd save you some math.

This configuration provides the best opportunity for the left navigation to dynamically reflect current trends but it's not the only option. I actually have things set up to support four different methods of generating that list. First, there's the old way (not super-old by series but old since before we started doing it by hit-count) which listed all consoles with over a certain amount of games as "main" consoles. This was fine when we had a fixed category list but as more and more started getting added once we opened up the ability to add consoles, this became less feasible. Second, there's the same method we're using now but by all-time popularity rather than popularity in the current month. We did this for a while but it basically meant that the list was static since the most popular consoles are leaps and bounds more popular than the rest. Third is our current setup - top 25 based on hit count during the current month which resets at midnight (Mountain time) on the 1st of the month. And finally, while we've never used it, there is support for staff-flagged consoles in which the staff could choose what appears and fix it there. Given these options, our current setup seems the most fair but I'm willing to hear out arguments for any of them.
This is an interesting discussion. I think I have only seen the Saturn on the 25 once, when I posted all those Cotton rips. Both the Saturn and the TG-16, as well as the Dreamcast, are consoles that I'd say are "major" enough to deserve to be along the main consoles. Yawachari's point is also valid, systems like the PS4, GameCube and Wii U hardly get many rips but they got the big name titles and thus are up there with the main consoles.

I think one of the reasons many of the consoles on the Other Systems section don't get as many rips and views as the rest is exactly because they're tucked away in that section and not many visitors actually bother checking there. I could be wrong though.
All of the games listed only as Dragon Warrior (the NES games, 7, the GBC port of 3 and the GBC Monsters duology) should probably also have Dragon Quest in the title, since that's the name they're most commonly known by nowadays, plus this is already the case for the GBC port of Dragon Quest 1 & 2

On a related note, the Dragon Quest/Dragon Warrior Customs tab uses artwork from DQ Heroes: Rocket Slime, a spinoff; I think it'd be more fitting to use artwork from one of the main series games, perhaps the first game's Japanese boxart.

[Image: dLXgBYG.png]
I updated the icon. The names are a good idea. I think they used to have both Quest and Warrior at some point.
I have two suggestions. None of them are something necessary, but they could be cool additions.

First I think the NSFW filter's on/off state should be saved on each account, because it seems like each time I log into my account it is always set as turned off by default. (this could be my fault tho, as I don't save any browser data, history or passwords. Therefore having to log in everytime I open the web browser and thus deleting the browser cache, where I guess the NSFW filter is probably saved.)

The second suggestion is that I think it would be a very cool addition if we could comment on the console pages like we can already comment on updates, sheets and games. I mean, pages like
I think it would be cool for commenting more general things about the respective consoles and the rips people are currently doing of their games.
NSFW state is cookie-based as most visitors do not have an account. I suppose I could add an option on the account side to save it globally but right now, it’s working as intended.

As for console comments, we discussed this when implementing the comment system and while I can’t remember why we decided against adding them to console pages, I remember specifically that we did for what must have been a good reason at the time.
Is it possible to have a spoiler button?

So far I have to write it out every time I want to use it.
Like to the comment box on the sites or here on the forum? We have no buttons on the sites and here, while there are buttons in the full post editor, I'm not actually sure how to go about adding custom ones.
On the forum when you're writing a post and wish to format it. I noticed several buttons like bold, italian, underline, quote, code, etc. but no spoiler button.
It would come in handy if you want to hide bigger images but don't want to redirect to image hosters.