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It would be nice if we could add our Discord information to our profile. I'm much more easily reachable there than anywhere else nowadays.
I'm definitely up for adding this but what do I link to?
When adding a new console, it should take you to the "add new sheet" menu when you submit a game.

Once you add a game to a new console section, it won't let you add a new sheet. I had to ask a mod to approve of the game so I could add a single sheet.
Does it not already do this? It's supposed to. Can anyone else confirm this behavior?
I was the mod in question, and yeah I tried it myself and the add sheet page for a new console links to the main page.
I just looked over the code and it should work correctly as far as I can tell so I'm not sure what needs to be updated. GBA on tMR, for instance, has a working Add Model page ( but it could be that I messed up the redirect at the end of the add game process. I'd need to see the URL a non-staff member is redirected to after submitting a game to a new console to troubleshoot further.
That would be cool if there was an option to comment on a system (as in underneath the part that shows the latest additions to the console).
I'm done adding new comment sections to the site unfortunately. I did consider adding console comments when adding them to games but they're too general to really justify dedicated comments.
I like how in the Social Sites section of our User CP, the Miiverse field is still there, yet the Miiverse has been discontinued.
That got put on the back burner when the suggestion to add Discord came up and we weren't sure what exactly we should link to. I guess I can remove it now regardless though.
why not add a animation/visual effect resource so it would easier to find what people who mske fan games couldn't find on other sites. i don't know if even to do it but i thought i bring up the idea at least/
What would you be looking for that you can't already find on tSR?
Would it maybe be possible to add some sort of spoiler tag to the site? It would be a neat addition for people wanting to browse sprites and the like without the risk of being spoiled on a paticular game they're playing. I'd imagine it could be implemented in a way similar to the new NSFW system, allowing people to hide sheets with spoilers in them.
I think that might be a little overkill to be honest. Every sheet could conceivably be a spoiler and at that point, the site would just be a ton of black boxes. I think your best bet if you're concerned about spoilers for a particular game would be to not browse that game until you've played it.
maybe a automated system that let people see what game asset are pending and are not