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dunno if this has been suggested already (or if it's viable (yet)) but something like this for the page footer?
[Image: MFwY8XU.png]
We've had this in the pipeline for a while, it's just a case right now of doing the huge ass effort to combine the site's databases together so that they can read information from each other easily. It isn't a simple task, with all of the shit we have to combine together... But there will come a week when Petie and I won't sleep and we'll finish it.
Maybe that same system could also provide links to similar games too (I.E. the different games in Super Mario All-Stars, Sonic 3 and Knuckles, maybe Super Mario Bros./The Lost Levels/All Night Nippon?).
Related games is a bit harder to do without tracking the series a game is part of but it's not 100% out of the question.
I'd like to suggest a new icon for "Rage of the Dragons" (See attached file) because imho the current one looks like nothing, really.
So, stemming from the ongoing discussion about tMR, i was looking through the sheets available on the site, 121k of them available. I was thinking since this was done before with the icons as a long-running sitewide project, perhaps it might be time to consider a standardised layout for sheets? I'm not suggesting everything gets reripped etc, but slowly working through to provide each sheet on the same red format background the site is based on?

Considering the top box now contains information on the submitter, it might be good to add say, three more info slots: other credits(for people who are acknowledged in the sheet but didn't submit), credit needed, and tSR exclusive? Then from there work towards removing large portions of blank space and try to get the sheets so that they are more streamlines, bring in the process of this for new sheets and give the site a more standardised look?

Obviously this is a huge project but this is why i suggest it be done over time, even just updating 10/20 sheets a week or so would work towards everything coming across more professional, if new submissions are held to this standard as well. A tutorial for how to lay out the sheets would be easy to make and it would be a good project for the community as a whole?

EDIT: I also think, if possible, it would be good to just get an alphabetical list of all games/sheets, or sortable list by popularity, amount of sheets, amount of games, etc, list all sheets/games in a console?

EDIT 2: I took a quick shot at showing kinda how i meant here:

Here is a sheet ripped by Sam:

Here is the same sheet quickly edited to fit with the colour scheme of the site:

The tag has been removed as credit tags are, imo just a callback to the older days of ripping sprites, now you have the ripper credited on the site with a link to their profile, it seems redundant. Perhaps you could even make a suggestion that if the person wants the sheet to be tSR exclusive they leave a small gap in the bottom right and then if they check the box, a small watermark is applied, but one that is standardised across all sheets?

This is all just idea either way, i just like to give examples of what i mean Smile
While this idea may sound good on paper, there are some sheets on here that have transparency that would be ruined with a colored background an example

We don't have a "standard color background scheme" for that reason.
Well, the background colour on that sheet would be black, but then made transparent, any colour can be made transparent. But even so if certain sheets cant have coloured backgrounds, that number will be in the minority, no?
I'm not sure I see the value in adding a background color to every sheet, especially since doing so would break sheets that have transparency requirements. I also don't think blanket removing credit tags is the right approach even if it is largely unnecessary on ripped content simply because we have a large (and growing!) custom section that I think does deserve to have the artist's mark on.
Totally understandable, it was more just a cosmetic suggestion/community project idea than anything Smile
Definitely no harm in making suggestions Smile
These videos at the bottom-right corner need to go. The X symbol has recently disappeared, meaning there's now no way to close the video.
These videos at the bottom-right corner keep the site online so they're not going anywhere. I definitely still see an X button though. I verified on multiple pages on all sites and did not see any that came up without it.
I see it once a day and still get an x button, its not super intrusive, perhaps its based on your browser or adblock settings?