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I want to know why Master System and Game Gear are now under "other systems".
I don't think this is a recent change but regardless, the main navigation shows the top 25 systems based on hit count and is updated automatically as that ranking changes.

Edit: See here for more detail:
Can we have a genre for "rhythm" games? I'm talking Beatmania, DDR, Rhythm Heaven, Osu etc.
I'm not against it assuming there are enough games to justify it. If you can get me a count, at least for tSR, I'll consider it.
Hiding games that contain NSFW sheets when the NSFW filter is turned on, some games have icons that can be considered NSFW on their own.
Icons are not allowed to be NSFW and not all games that contain NSFW sheets have only NSFW sheets in them so hiding the entire game isn't the right way to handle this. If you notice game icons that are NSFW though, definitely let us know as they shouldn't be and will be changed.
Would it be possible to get a widescreen version of the site?

I have a Full HD monitor and to me, the site looks like this:

There's a lot of empty space on the sides, which could be used to display more icons and have less scrolling.
I'm actually working on this now (the first step - un-fixing the header - is already done). Things will likely break a bit (at least visually) as I work on this project but it shouldn't affect functionality.
Like what I said earlier, would it be possible to have 1 or 2 more games in the "biggest contributions" tab on submitter profiles? It'd be a nice space filler.
The Pokémon Customs section has more than 120 sprite sheets of Generation 2 Pokémon including Joshr's Custom Pokémon Sprites.
Since the icons for the latest sheets are currently misaligned on my display, it'd be neat to see the last 10 latest sheets as opposed to the 8 we have right now, though for some users with less screen size, maybe reduce down on the number of latest sheets displayed for them.
I will probably change the number displayed but there will be no way to make it work for everyone since the site responds to the size of your screen.
Maybe it's time to set up a development version of the website as to not cause things to break on the live sites until the changes are ready.
I'm basically only working on the mobile theme right now and in very short bursts. I don't see the need to duplicate the entire site to do that.