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I don't have originals handy but anyone editing the wiki should be sure to actually upload files, not link off-site.
(01-28-2015, 10:08 PM)Quirby64 Wrote: [ -> ]Ey, I don't know if this was mentioned before, but some of the images in the Spriter's Dictionary have been replaced with "Click and discover Imageshack." photos (at least for me.) Does anyone have the originals so that they could be put back up?

How about a function so we can see which of our sheets got a comment?
(02-03-2015, 04:30 PM)Davy Jones Wrote: [ -> ]How about a function so we can see which of our sheets got a comment?
That would be cool. Like a PM or something would be beneficial. I'm constantly looking at some of my old sheets, realizing someone commented months ago, and then I feel bad for not replying.
How about a function to insert the tmricon and tmrbig tags like the img tag? Smile
(02-03-2015, 04:59 PM)Shade Wrote: [ -> ]
(02-03-2015, 04:30 PM)Davy Jones Wrote: [ -> ]How about a function so we can see which of our sheets got a comment?
That would be cool. Like a PM or something would be beneficial. I'm constantly looking at some of my old sheets, realizing someone commented months ago, and then I feel bad for not replying.

Petie actually implemented RSS feeds for comments of each user's sheets. For example mine is (replace the name at the end with your submitter name). This also means you can follow comments on other peoples' sheets, if you like.
Have revisions in your pending list?
We thought about that but since any given item can only have one revision at at time (globally) and there's no way to edit them (we thought about this too but the work:benefit ratio just didn't work out), we decided against it.
(12-30-2014, 05:02 PM)daemoth Wrote: [ -> ]It would be nice if there was link to the ports & remake of a game, for example: if im on FinalFantasy6 on Snes page, there could be links to the Gba and Psx port and to the Mobile remake page.

Little bump for my previous suggestion cause its pertinent to my current project. Im currently ripping from Star Ocean: Second Evolution which is a port/remake of Star Ocean: the Second Story and since the sprite from both games are exactly the same for most sprites, this feature would be useful.
I still like the idea but there really isn't a way to automate this process. Implementing it would mean creating new database tables to facilitate manually linking the games and that's just not something I have time for at the moment, unfortunately.

While not exactly what you're looking for, a search for "Star Ocean" (with the quotes) will give you a listing of all of the Star Ocean games on one page, as shown here: which I imagine will help at least a little.
I think that we can implement this after our next project. I have an idea on how to display it, we just need to put it in. It'll be some work to begin with, but I believe it'll be worth it in the end.
I was wondering about maybe implementing a feature where you can switch between resources for a particular game so you don't have to navigate through the alphabetical list to find if a game has any textures/sounds/models associated with it.
For example: a user is browsing through the sprites for Smash Bros. 64, but wants to check out some of the other assets for the game.
[Image: 0a2803d60a.jpg]
In this area, there'd be a row for Models, Textures, and Sounds (maybe even color coded to reflect the respective resource) with the number of items from that page, which the text would be a link to.

Another feature that I'd like to see is a mode where instead of having everything separated on pages by letter, there's an "all" option to browse through games on a particular system in one big list. (it'd be optional, of course)
I like your first suggestion and may need to look into implementing that. It may not be laid out exactly as you describe but linking to the resources of matching games definitely would't be a bad thing. As long as we've been consistent in naming things, it shouldn't be hard either.

As for an "All" option, it's something we've discussed but ultimately decided against to keep the site running smoothly. I understand the desire for it and on some consoles, it would be fine but in sections like GBA, PC, and SNES on tSR, it's a ton of resources to load all at once and would negatively impact server performance if enough people were browsing it.
Forum smiley-related suggestion:
I have a suggestion that's kind of um, minor? Like pretty minor? But it kind of bugged me, so I was wanting to bring it up. ^^;
A very nice user in here suggested this topic to me for bringing up my thoughts. =) 
(nice going there Merry, using "bringing up" twice just because you can't think of another word for it >_>)

I've noticed the smilies you're using in the forum currently, and I was wondering about a few things... like for one, whether these ->  Wink Big Grin where made by this site or came standard with this MyBB forum, and whether or not these could be enhanced. Seeing a Super Mario block Question Block and such, they seem to be made by someone. ^^ I find the smilies quite cute, don't get me wrong, but the shading on them seems bit faulty, with brighter spots being in the shading where it needs to be dark.

Like here is the original, and to the right is a tiny edit I made which isn't perfect:  Big Grin [Image: 7ik5vme5r8kx29tzg.jpg]
(smilies are "vertical-align: middle;" while IMG tag isn't, that's why my image isn't at the same level. I didn't add any transparent pixels around it)

The shading seems smoother in my opinion. ^^
It seems the smilies are using a different color to simulate shading, like the tongue being bit yellow and the shading orange, whether using less color intensity. The lighting doesn't seem to actually change in this example, just the color itself, but give the illusion it does, so it may be a neat design choice. ^^
Though impressively enough, it only uses 7-8 colors. =O Also it has about 1,005 bytes with its indexed color mode and is a PNG file, which, if it weren't in Indexed color mode, could be 2.8KB big, so that was clever there (taught me something new). ^^
But, if the smiley were saved as GIF, the file size could reduce to being 145 bytes like the example I showed you. =)
If the current smilies (around 30) were converted to Gif, they could be reduced by around 85% of bytes, turning around 30,000 bytes to maybe 4,500.
However, 30KB are hardly anything nowadays, unlike where I had to use a modem that went 48Kb/s. XDDD Now such a small amount can be viewed in a fraction of a second, so there is no big demand for file size reduction, unless you were to have hundreds of smilies and thousands of users viewing them all at once, which then could slowdown the server a tiny bit maybe. ^^

Hmm, perhaps the reason why the shading is colors resembling shading (not being darker) is because the smiley is optimized for more browsers and maybe GIFs aren't supported on every platform? Like with web-safe colors that are supported in every browser and such? Though I thought the colors can only be Hexadecimal colors with 33, 66, 99, CC, or FF to be considered web-safe color, and not #fff794 in this case, so may be I'm overthinking this. ^^;

I don't know, just am having a suggestion to perhaps save the smilies in this forum as GIFs and maybe fix up the shading a tiny bit so it looks smoother. =) Maybe also use darker/less colorful pixels for the shading (unless it's the desired style). ^^ 
I'd be willing to help out if you wanted me to (voluntary for this part, I don't want to be in charge of more stuff XDDD), I mean, I love working/making smilies, just let me know! [Image: eager.gif] 
(also need to work on mine too maybe, received a comment that mine's shading/contrast is too dark ^^)

Anyways, it's like said not a huge suggestion, or anything vital to the site, but it was just a thought on my part... tried to help out somehow. ^^
Oh, and on a side note... the smilies and icons aren't 100% fitting in a way... like, [Image: music.png][Image: lightbulb.png] and [Image: rolleyes.png][Image: wink.png] are quite different, I think. ^^ Bit like having an unaltered Super Mario World sprite in a Metroid game, you know? ^^ (which I'd find interesting to see =P) So maybe either the icons could resemble the smilies, or backwards, just a thought. ^^

Thanks for reading! =D Hope it's not a dumb suggestion. ^^;
Also, sorry for the long reply. ^^;
The smilies were actually custom sprited by a user here named Sol.
The lightbulb and music note (among a few others that don't match) are actually the default forum software smilies and of course not made by us. I didn't see any real reason to remove them so I just left them in (and they haven't had any replacements sprited).

As far as the shading, I think you might be referring to the hue shifting?
I'm posting from my phone at the moment so I can't see a difference between the Big Grin images.