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(08-14-2020, 02:17 PM)DogToon64 Wrote: [ -> ]I recently seen the Sonic R thumbnail changed from the title menu to actual gameplay. I don't care for the new thumbnail because it's too dark.
Can someone please change it to the new one I made?
(I made this one because it's more colorful, and I thought I'd make a new thumbnail that could stand out more)

This would have been better suited to the errors thread but regardless, I can't use your image as it is not the correct size.
Aw crap! GIMP sized it wrong! Sorry, I'll go get a new one, and then I'll post it in the errors.
(I didn't know it should go in the errors thread instead of the suggestions thread)
This is a bit of a weird one but i never realised until now, but would a "make a submission" button on the main page be helpful? I mean, i might be being blind but im on the main tSR page and i can't see anywhere to actually make a submission, and i ctrl + F'd it and found nothing. I'm not saying the system doesnt work but im thinking Ease of Access for new visitors? Everything else needed is accessible from the first page accept this.
Submissions are category and game-specific though so a submission link on the main page would not be user-friendly. It would require selecting the category from a drop down (not a big deal) but also the game (which is hugely impractical).
Perhaps you could link it to a page which explains the process? So, you click the link, it shows you a couple of examples of where you could find it, we copy the guidelines for a good submission off the wiki, and possibly add a link to create an account there too just in case? You could even have it run through a couple of details, then restate the console options so that people can pick a console from there then go through the games accordingly? And perhaps a search bar too?

Like i say, i'm more thinking ease of access for newcomers etc, because looking at it from an outside perspective there isn't a lot to go on on the main page of how to submit.
Honestly, that sounds more confusing than the current setup. Right now, the "add new" buttons only show up for logged in users and I think showing that, on the home page, to the thousands of not logged in users will confuse people more than it will help. We currently have plans to add links to the submission guidelines to the submission forms and the create account links and search bar are both at the top of every page already so this sounds like a convoluted setup that will cause more issues than it solves.

For reference, we actually get very few questions regarding how to submit. If you're logged in, the buttons for adding games and sheets/models/textures/sounds are pretty prominent and most new users seem to get the hang of it pretty quickly so unless I'm misunderstanding something here, this seems like an over-complicated solution to a problem we don't currently have.

For what it's worth, I appreciate the thought and the suggestion regardless but I don't think this particular suggestion is one I'll be implementing.
I'm mroe just thinking of potential new users who might show up to submit, not be sure how, sign up, join forums and ask, or jsut decide against it. Even if the number is minimal its always worth going that extra mile imo.

It was more a suggestion to a perceived minor issue though, more than a set idea or a statement, but adding links to the submission guidelines and forms would be the fix for that. It would work equally as well i was just trying to come up with a solution, glad you have something planned Smile
We could use a separate section for bootlegs and romhacks much like we have a section for custom sprites.
We've always somewhat discouraged bootlegs and romhacks, barring those that are truly notable, so separating them out isn't really the best way to go here. As it stands, there are probably some that shouldn't be on the site but were accepted before submission standards increased.
Perhaps then the existing ones on the site should be trimmed down.
That's something we're looking at possibly doing but we typically don't delete already approved content if it was submitted before guideline changes unless there's another significant reason to do so which means not all of it is going to go.
Yeah, I don't mean remove everything, just trim down stuff, especially hacks which just change one character or use sprites from different games (most of them Mario and Sonic hacks).
It would be amazing if you would add a new type of resource such as visual effects.
There technically already is in the sprites, but the 3D effects is where the real eye-candy comes in.
Unless ripping those may be difficult, its up to you guys if you wish to add that.

Thanks! SL Zero
(09-02-2020, 03:43 PM)├┐ZEROLIGHT Wrote: [ -> ]It would be amazing if you would add a new type of resource such as visual effects.
There technically already is in the sprites, but the 3D effects is where the real eye-candy comes in.
Unless ripping those may be difficult, its up to you guys if you wish to add that.

Effects like particles? Aren't those textures?
I just had a different thought. What about merging the various hacks of each game into a single game? For example, all hacks of Sonic 2 would be merged into a single "Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (hacked versions)" game. This should be enough to remove most of the pollution on the console sections.