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I have one in particular that I'd like to make at some point in the future but in general, no, we haven't really talked about it or anything.
Did you have something in mind?
I had been thinking of mainly just different color combinations like Yellow + Blue or Black + Green, since most of the themes now are Red/Blue/Purple/Green + White which is a little bland.

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Unless there's a particular reason to do so (I honestly don't see much necessity in it, especially considering that almost nobody uses the alternate themes) then that seems like a lot of effort for something that won't get any use. The dark theme has an obvious use/intention but I don't see much point in alternate themes just for the sake of alternate themes.

I have considered expanding the currently existing themes so they aren't so white (giving the tSR theme more red accents, for example) but other than that there's no point in doing all that work when the demand for them isn't there.
(11-26-2014, 04:48 PM)Neweegee Wrote: [ -> ]since most of the themes now are Red/Blue/Purple/Green + White which is a little bland.

You realize that these colors weren't arbitrarily chosen though, right? There is one theme for each site on the network, plus a dark one for those who don't like the abundance of color.
I already knew that, I mean it's in the theme titles.
I just thought there could be some more colorful themes since The Darkest Resource isn't a site and is completely different from the other themes, and at one point there was a Pixeltendo theme.
But I do understand the point of why we don't really need more.
I understand that, but there's seriously no demand for such changes. I can see how many users are using each theme and there are less than 70 people total (out of the hundreds of users on the forum daily) who are NOT using the default VGR theme.

I started working on a new version of the PT theme, but then I thought about it and was like "who's actually going to use it, though?"
As much as I love BoHeGeHa, the only reason that I used that (and Mystic Wish) as much as I did was because it was a dark theme. With an actual dark theme available now, my only reason for ever using those is gone.

If there was enough demand for a particular style/color of theme then I'd certainly look into it, but it's not worth the effort to make entirely new stylesheets if there isn't a significant amount of people who will actually use them.
...Total derail here, but a somewhat stupid and potentially hazardous idea struck me tonight. Section Downloads. I don't mean entire consoles worth of sprites, but more along the lines of if you wanted to get all the sheets in the 'Enemies' section of Chrono Trigger for SNES. I was thinking something like that for the individual lists on the games themselves. I don't know how this would work what with the continuous updates, but it would be a neat little feature for people like me who religiously frequents the site as often as possible to get my favorite sprites as soon as they appear, or even more relevant when I suffered a hard drive failure and extreme data loss of ALL of my sprite sheets collected over the years.
This has been brought up before (albeit in the form of entire game downloads and not specific sections) and it simply won't work. The feature exists in a sort of beta as part of the icon renovation and it's horribly inefficient as it needs to create a zip on the fly for each request. Opening this up to the public, even on the smaller scale you're suggesting, would destroy the server. Sorry, but this isn't something that is ever going to happen.
This was a feature I considered looking into actually releasing as part of the donar account privileges. However, as Petie said, it simply won't work due to the size of some sections of the site. While it might only result in a 5mb file for Super Mario Bros. on the NES, it'd result in a 1.4gb file for the Smash Bros. Brawl page of The Models Resource. As such, the server cannot handle that much load for one individual user at any given time, as the process times out.
If I donate $5 to the site would you be willing to ban me lol
Well I just meant for TSR...I understand TMR would be absolutely overboard and crazy to expect such a function...But anyway. It was just an idea...

Oh yeah, total shot in the dark, but have you ever considered using torrents for distribution of sprites or models or sounds or textures and so on...?
Would it be possible to make an option for source view to be the default when writing new posts, like it was before the recent forum update? I prefer using that when formatting, and every time I preview my post it resets it to the non-source view. It'd be handier to be able to just make it the default instead of switching manually all the time.
I can't add options to the forum but you're in luck in this case. I'm on my phone and can't check at the moment but somewhere in the Edit Options section of the User CP is the option you seek.
Oh sweet, I probably should have checked there first Tongue Thanks!
Is it possible to have an extra button on the main forum page (before you go into any of the sections or threads) that takes you to the last unread post of a thread shown in the very right column instead of only taking you to the last post in general?