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(06-09-2015, 10:48 PM)Jermungandr Wrote: [ -> ]inside the the Header tags

Just wanted to highlight this. Scripts in <body> tags may not work as intended depending on where they are so put in <head> tag if you didn't before.

Then the Image.src path may be wrong. "./image.gif" or "../image.gif" or "image.gif" mean relative paths. Better start with "/" like "/files/image.gif" from site root otherwise it won't work in every page.
All of my scripts default to the header area and I only use absolute paths so no worries there. Thinking back, I may have tried to do the pre-load in my included script file instead of directly in the source though. While that should work, it may be why it didn't so it's worth trying it again to see. I'll do so in a few minutes.

So it's in, but doesn't seem to be functioning on my end. Anyone else?
Is this the code that is being used to preload the images in the head?
$('<img/>').src = '/resources/images/display/icon-background.png';

As it's wrapped in a $(window).load, wouldn't that mean this script isn't running until the site has loaded assets such as the images within the html?
Seemed to work in Chrome (could be coincidental) but not Firefox.

Is this the codes?

$(window).load(function() {
         $('<img/>').src = '/resources/images/bg/content-shadow.png';
         $('<img/>').src = '/resources/images/bg/shadow.png';
         $('<img/>').src = '/images/bg/mushrooms.png';
         $('<img/>').src = '/resources/images/bg/header.png';
         $('<img/>').src = '/resources/images/bg/content.png';
         $('<img/>').src = '/images/bg/shadow.png';
         $('<img/>').src = '/resources/images/bg/footer.png';
         $('<img/>').src = '/resources/images/display/icon-background.png';

I don't know jQuery but doesn't this try to preload into same object or something? Another things is perhaps "window.load" is causing problems for Firefox (might be waiting for window fully loaded)? Maybe try something like this without jQuery:

var preloadimages = new Array();
preloadimages[0] = new Image(); preloadimages[0].src = '/resources/images/display/icon-background.png';

If this works, copy the 2nd line and iterate the index for every image.
It's not loading the images into an object, it's creating a new image tag for each one. $(window).load is supposed to wait until the document is ready but before other content is loaded but I can remove it and just have it launch in order. It's towards the top of the page anyway so it shouldn't matter. Doing that now.
$(window).load will (or at least it should according to their site) load once all assets have been loaded, its $(document).ready that would run after the DOM is ready.

I sadly don't notice a different, I don't know if looking at something like lazy load for thumbnail images not in the viewport.
.load() in jQuery triggers as soon as the object it's attached to has loaded. $(window) is pretty much the first thing that loads so it should trigger before the page even starts to render but regardless, I removed it. It's now just a normal call but it still doesn't seem to do anything.
Hmmm... the only issue with the code on the site at the moment is I don't believe it actually is loading the files, compared to the code that aceres posted. 

[Image: result1.png]

Sad thing is I can't get the code to load the images before the others. The only thing I could suggest is that either some form of lazy loading is done on thumbnails previews themselves or you do the slightly nasty (is it nasty?, I think it's rather effective compared to some really nasty web techniques) of loading an image in a hidden div before the rest. But well, it is a tiny thing on the site. Shame that link prefetch has such bad browser support haha.
I wonder where do those new img tags get added. Perhaps jQuery create them but do not add to body yet so browser doesn't feel the need to load. Or perhaps they are added at the bottom but browser might be trying from top to bottom so that the ones on top will be ready first.
Oh I hadn't even checked where new images are created. I was purely checking the network tab and seeing which resources loaded first since that's the ultimate goal. But is interesting non the less to test.
They're not created in the sense that they are added to the document. They're created virtually but as individual objects to force the images to download, though it wasn't working. I'll experiment with some other options though.
I'm not sure if this is the right place for a suggestion like this one, but is it possible to create competitions that are not solely dedicated to pixel art? If you look at the history of game development, they incorporated different means of creating the "sprite work" seen in games (clay models for the Neverhood, pre-rendered models for the Donkey Kong Country games, the hand drawn visuals of Wario Land: Shake-It and Cuphead, etc.). With that said, I don't see why this site can't take measures to encourage users to work in different styles outside of your garden variety pixel art. That way, we can not only significantly expand the custom section, but also possibly attract new users to show their work on this site.
I would like to see digital art competitions but it's probably not as accessible/easy to work with for everyone

plus I imagine the range of quality would be much higher (AKA there are people here who would probably stomp the competition most of the time) and it's harder to make decent digital art as opposed to pixel art imo

that's just my opinion though
I definitely understand that reasoning. It's just that after seeing the kind of work that went into Cuphead in Don't Deal with the Devil, I was excited to see other guys on this web site (myself included) try to work in a similar (if not the same) cartoon visual. I was hoping to find a way to convince more users not only give that style a spin, but also bring in other visual styles as a result.
This one's less site-specific and more related to sheet formatting: there are a number of sheets that have superfluous spaces and seemingly random alignment/organization. While it may be a time-consuming process, I wonder if there are people that'd be willing/able to reorganize some of the sheets for the more "well-known" games at the very least.
What would be useful is an application to automate part of this process, but I don't have that particular skillset or know-how to make it work.