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We're getting a December update, which means one thing:
Soldier and Demoman update oh jesus

which probably means a new Steam deal coming up

didn't feel like finding the last TF2 topic so okay
Aw, I was just about to post this.

I'm super pumped for this, hopefully I can get my account back in timeee
One of my Steam friends showed me the comic.

However.... I never had really thought it meant an update for both classes before, but now you mention it... It does seem like one of those type of things.
Can't wait to see what they get. Especially since my most used (seriously used on serious servers) class is the Soldier.

After this we'll only need some more Engie weapons.
I've been playing as Demoman more, can't fucking wait. Heart
Soldier's my least-played class; hopefully this might change things up~
Maybe we'll get a grenade launcher for the soldier like a lot of people want him to have to be a replacable for the rocket launcher

If that does happen and I end up unlocking it I probably won't use it though
the demoman will get his eye back.
The comic was good; I like how there seems to be some kind of backstory now.

But I don't play as either class. All this means is that I get to be killed in different ways to before. Which is refreshing in itself, I guess.
They used what was originally a fan-made design for the Announcer.

Also Demoman is my favorite class.
I won't be surprised if there's a "glass eye grenade" or something to that effect for the demoman.
Rename thread to "Weapons Speculation thread".

also, i don't see why the demoman wouldn't get his dinamite back.
I really hope soldier gets something good.
It's my best class.
oh yeah here's my tf2 backpack
(12-10-2009, 09:16 PM)Vipershark Wrote: [ -> ]I really hope soldier gets something good.
It's my best class.
Same here.