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Full Version: Nick's Sprites and Tiles
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The missing characters have been accepted. See no reason to keep them around here, so check the main site or CyberMaroon's dA if you want to view Super Sonic, Shadow, Eggman, etc.

Thank God, the Lagiacrus front sprite has been recovered. Thanks so much, Davy Jones!

[Image: AvTN5jO.png]
[Image: vtJ7OeK.png]
The images aren't showing up for me.
(11-22-2010, 03:42 PM)A.J. Nitro Wrote: [ -> ]The images aren't showing up for me.

Right click and "View Image"
Imageshack isn't being nice to me.
I was expecting him to be in the kart, but that would be lame. This on the other hand is even better. Good stuff!
Not bad, not bad at all. I actually find it really cute XD
Combine the Sonic sheet with the Super Sonic one, add a little pixel here, a little magic there. Recolor and presto, Shadow in Super Mario Kart.
No, it's not a black Sonic! It actually looks like Shadow. I put effort in my edits, remember? >.>
Anywho, check the first post. I know you want too.
Imageeeeees! No more need to hit the links; they're in plain sight! Found a (stupidly simple) way around the whole mess.

Also, and hold on to your driver's seat, Miles "Tails" Prower makes his SMK appearance!
I love it!
Very cool!
Tails looks nice indeed, but I would adjust his eyes to give him a more gentle, passive look.
Right now, the bottom part of his tuff of hair makes his eyes look kinda angry, which goes against Tails's character.
Update! Added Baldy Mc. Nosehair!
I love your SMK customs!
Tails looks a tad devious, other than that they're great!
Stop! Hammer time!
Amy Rose is added to the SMK roster!

Note: Her pink fur originally had highlights, but it didn't turn out the way I wanted, contrast and all, but it's at the bottom of the sheet for those who want it. Since I wanted to avoid straying from Peach's color palette, I chose to make the fur flat (color-wise), since there was no decent color to light of shade it.
So that's my excuse for the flat fur color.
Update! Now Cream joins the SMK GP!
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