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Full Version: Nick's Sprites and Tiles
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I saw your SMK sprites, and I absolutely love them. They're very cute, and all-in-all rather well-made. Just wanted to say that I look coward to seeing future updates on those, that is if you plan on doing so.

Edit: god-damned least the forum merged my posts.
Hey, I posted something again!
I've created SMK Sonic Drift Tails to accompany the SMK Sonic Drift Sonic I made quite a while ago. He does exceed the 32 pixel width, but easily fits in 40. Cars are bigger than karts anyway.
It's in the first post, as usual.
Got it!
Here's an edited Tails icon:
[Image: wDet1.png]
Noticed that the canvas in the image was a pixel off, but it's fixed.

Also, Classic Amy from Sonic Drift has been added to the first post. May have exceeded the color limit, but it does contain the right colors (all colors are from Mario except the pink from Peach).
All done!
SMK Sonic Drift Sally in first post.
There was no Sally in Sonic Drift, you say? That's right, so I designed her 'Sonic Drift car' myself. It's called Royal Gust.

When making Sally, I noticed I did Breeze's eyes wrong (Amy's car) after taking a good look at the reference.
I'd like to replace the former with this:
[Image: smkclassicamy.png]
[Image: smkclassicamyicon.png]
I thought the yellow was the eyelids, but it turns out the eyes are indeed yellow and I had mistaken the white reflection as eyewhite. Whoops.
Have a gander at the fist post and you'll see L'Homme d'Oeuf himself in his Drift incarnation.
Classic Eggman, better known as Doctor Robotnik, hovers his way to pole position!
Go, Hyper Metal Sonic!
Metal from Sonic Drift Racing jumped the Mario Kart tracks to challenge the four from Sonic Drift (and Sally) and prove once and for all that he is the fastest!
First post 'n stuff.
Though not as fast or clever as Sonic himself, Fang always manages to be one step ahead when it comes to Chaos Emeralds.
The Mushroom Cup is no different!
First post. Go there. I know you want to.

I am aware I submitted an SMK Fang riding the Marvelous Queen before, but that qualifies as 'Modern' or whatever, since the new one is better looking overall and is more in-style with the previous 6 racers I made.
Knuckles the Echidna joins the fray, completing the roster of Sonic Drift Racing racers in Super Mario Kart.
The 6 sheets that have yet to be uploaded, including Knuckles, Eggman, Fang, Metal, Sally and an update of Amy, are in the first post.

The next planned character is probably Speedy from Tails Adventure. I have to design his Sonic Drift-esque car, most likely something Battle Cuckoo-ish. I planned Speedy, because Sonic Drift Racing is a Game Gear game and Speedy is a Game Gear(/Master System?)-only character.
It's Father's Day (coincidentially), so what better sheet to submit than a father-and-son one, namely the dictator Grand Battle Kukku the 15th and his son and heir Speedy.
The two antagonists from Tails Adventure enter the GP in their tanks custom built by Dr. Fukurokov, Battle Storm BK-15 and Battle Storm BK-16, and crush the competition, namely their arch-nemesis Tails.
Behold the two-in-one sheet in the first post.
So they're from Tail's Adventure? I hardly remember the game.
To prove they're real:
Yeah, I played Tails Adventure in Sonic Gems Collection and it's actually a good game. Speedy is Tails' Metal Sonic in where he is his rival, but you race him while flying up Polly Mountain. Even to this day, Speedy is probably Tails' true rival.
I never got to the final boss, but I like how his design is typically 'Sonic' without the usual proportions and facial features.
The Sonic comic actually recently brought the Battlebird Armada into the canon, and Battle Kukku is a fantastic character in it.
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