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Full Version: Nick's Sprites and Tiles
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Is it mayhem? Is it havoc?
No! It's Chaos, ready to flood your city! Open your heart and it'll be a'ight.
I was hope you'd make Chaos.
A red orb speaks to you:
"Check the first post! I have joined the SMK Grand Prix!"
Tikal the Echidna was added to the ever expanding roster!
Birdman joins the Grand Prix!
No, not Tony Hawk, but you're close: Jet the Hawk was added to the roster!
I'm back! The curious creatures known as Chao enter the race in their custom made mini-karts!
No Cheese the Chao?
(02-08-2011, 03:58 PM)A.J. Nitro Wrote: [ -> ]No Cheese the Chao?

I am considering making another batch of Chao edited from this. I could slap on a bow.
The Peppy Hare of the Sonic franchise takes part in the Super Mario Kart GP: Omochao!
He brought some friends aswell: Sonic Chao and Tails Chao!

Cheese the Chao wasn't made for the following reason:
There was no space for the bow. It's invisible from the back (logic) and is covered by his hands(?) viewed from the front. Only a view pixels in a few frames could be reserved for the bow, which wasn't worth the minimal effort.
C'est ne pas bleu, c'est ne pas jaune, c'est ne pas vert.
Rouge joins le GP!
The fifth wheel of the kart, Silver the Hedgehog has been added to the roster.
Yay? I'm doing it for the fans, cuz I hate his guts. Just so you know.
(03-01-2011, 10:29 AM)Dark shy guy Wrote: [ -> ]how did u put them on this forum Cry

This is not the place to ask, but if you really need to know:
Upload your images onto an imagehost, like or something.
Put the direct link (that's the link in the address bar when you "view" the image by selecting View Image after right-clicking said image) between the image tags ( [.img]imagelink[./img] without the "."; you can also use the image icon above the thing where you type your post) and post. I'd recommend to Preview Post to be sure the images show up. If not, just trail-and-error and you'll get there eventually.
Also, make sure your work meets the tSR standards. When in doubt, post it in the Sprites Discussion (or something similar) for feedback and whatnot. That'll save the admins from wasting valuable time locking topics.

I hope this helps, and please use the Help forum in the future, so don't reply here.

This goes for anyone else asking for help in a submission topic or any topic where it shouldn't be asked. Thank you.
He is small, very small. As a matter of fact, he's an insect. Tinier than a Chao? Perhaps, I haven't measured...

Charmy Bee enter the GP!
Wow, these look great. Awesome work!

I'd love to see Mighty and Ray!
Mighty the Armadillo joins the race!
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