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Full Version: Nick's Sprites and Tiles
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Looks awesome!
You may have noticed the topic's name change.
I have made City Escape in 16-bit style! It took me 2 days to make.
This sheet really shows the growth in my spriting ability since I've worked on Bouncy Cat.
I hope you like it and really look folward to see it in a fangame somewhere.
It looks wonderful. Really makes me think of City Escape.
Good work! I noticed you changed the title. Are you still gonna be making SMK customs?
Depends, but definately not out of the question.
I couldn't just slap City Escape in an SMK topic, hence the change. I might make more tilesets like this in the future, or non-SMK sprites.
This all depends on time and mood. Not even I know what I'll do next
Do you like trucks? If so, you are going to love what I have for you in the first post!

Now that the wheels animate (2 frames, but still), the G.U.N. Truck is now more a sprite rather than just pixel-art.
I love your sprites! However, you seemed a bit sloppy with some of the Sonic in SMK sprites. They didn't feel enough like the actual character... less on-model than they could have been.
Just when you think the game of tag is getting boring, he decides to show up and bring it on!
It's G.U.N.'s army mech, Bigfoot (and Hot Shot and kinda Flying Dog)!

First post for magic!
Awesoooommmmmeee. You could probably save some space and just movie your tag up to another row. OR use some of that space and include the pieces of the mech.
It has been done.
Do you still have the pieces for him?
I do, but as whole legs. Not the smartest thing to do, I realize.
I'm not at home right now, so I'm unable to do anything about it at the moment. I'll make a 'junk' section once I get the chance, with both the whole legs and legs seperated (will lack the part that join them).
Well, I put it up. If you want it updated later, just bump this topic. Tongue
[Image: customsonicbigfootgenes.png]
Surgically seperated the legs, because I saved the whole legs weird (two files with each their own flaw) and I miss half of them.
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