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Full Version: Nick's Sprites and Tiles
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I noticed that on the Wiki.
Came in handy for some reference; it was nigh impossible to figure out how the back of GBK's head looked like using official artwork.
It was cool to see some images of how they'd look like in a modern Sonic game, but like the last c(h)ars I made, I stuck with the classic design.
I'll upload these later today!
Shadow joins the fray. Since there is no classic version of Shadow (Adventure 2 is as classic as it gets), he has irises! Still, the head is an edit of Sonic's so he fits the collection of racers.
His car, Slipstream, is a G.U.N. creation in the image of Shadow's shoes, not different from Cyclone's similarity to Sonic's shoes. It also includes an element here and there from E-123 Omega.
Chaos Control to the first post for Shadow goodness.
It's all up! I had already updated Amy before, but I updated it again just to be sure.
Is Shadow giving the finger?
I think that's his thumb.
I was planning on making Chaos when I came across fan-art I made for Cream and a what-if S&SASR vehicle based on Chao.
Cream the Rabbit and her Turbo Chao are in the first post. Includes Cheese cameo!
It has been done. The former God of Destruction enters the race in a very special car. Chaos drives what appears to be part of a temple or shrine known as the Forbidden Relic.
Chaos joins the race. Can a floating set of bricks really win a GP?

Check first post.
Another one of Tails' archenemies, it's Wendy Witchcart from Skypatrol. Her car is created in the likeness of the mine-cart she used in the final battle, but looks more like a mine-cart. It's because she uses a mine-cart in the final battle that made me decide to make her.

An old lady in a party race game, that's quite rare when you think about it (Rosalina doesn't count). See this rarity in the first post.
Looking good! Any chance of more non-Sega characters? I'd love to see your Rotor.
Who knows. I was actually considering Mammoth Mogul, which'll be a challenge because of his size.
Not saying that I will. I had a design ready for Cosmo*, which I abandoned in favor for Wendy. It all depends on my mood, really.
I'll give Mogul a try tomorrow, see where it goes from there.

*Her vehicle, an F-Zero like machine based on Dark Oak.
That sounds pretty awesome.
3 days...
No, not Skull Kid!
A project running for 3 days, and it's finally done. The gargantuan Mammoth Mogul and his titan four-wheeler Volcano are sure to shake up some fear on the track. Tails, don't make Sonic scrape you off the track!
This not-so-gentle giant can be found in the first post.
Exceptional work my friend!
Definitely one of the most impressive! Smile
The racing decoy also known as the Tails Doll enters the fray to race along side with Metal Sonic.
He brings the carnaval-themed converted ferris wheel cart, Merry Nimbus, to float past the competition!
Tails Doll available in first post.
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