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Full Version: Nick's Sprites and Tiles
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I totally forgot to upload your stuff, sorry about that.
Well, wadda ya know? I made more Sonic SMK stuff.
And it's another Sonic! This time a modern Sonic that fits the 'Drift' racers I made. So what does he drive? The Speed Star from Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing!
That's right! A car! Sonic in a car! No working the legs and feet for this hedgehog! Just pedal to the Metal Madness!

First post if you need proof.

EDIT: Ugh, I look at in-game images of both versions of the car and it seems I screwed up. I used the concept art as reference, since it looked like a model sheet. Can't Sumo/SEGA just release concept art that does represent anything in the game 1:1?
Anywho, the car you see is based on the Speed Star's concept art.
Updated the sheet. The car is now correct and the eyes have been edited to fit my 'Drift' more (like Shadow's eyes). Picked the SSASR1 version because of the quills.
The Speed Star concept car is still in the sheet for those who want that for some reason.

Topic bumped, because it's a somewhat important notice. If the earlier Speed Star Sonic sheet has been uploaded, please replave it with this one, thank you.

(Don't worry, I'm 100% sure I got it right this time, because I used both screenshots and my figure for reference)
Don't worry it wasn't uploaded. The new one is now though.
Crash Team Racing, represent! It's the Wumpa chowing experiment that backfired on Cortex, Crash Bandicoot!

First post, like always.
Wait, shouldn't this go under Crash Bandicoot customs then? There is no section for that, should I make one?
I guess. Didn't know there wasn't a custom Crash section yet until just now.
That makes me first Smug
It's up now! Congrats on being the newest custom section! Big Grin
Did you like Kart Race in Sonic Adventure 2? Then you are in for a treat!
Rouge's car exclusive to Route 280 is now available in the first post. Now it's less exclusive, yay!

I had a little trouble with the colors for the car: White and silver was too low contrast, silver and gray too high and all three was just too many. I settled with high contrast, but if SMK had a brighter gray, I had gone for that.
Awesome! Got it!
Metal Knuckles joins the fray in his custom hovercar, Bad Future.
Check first post for the Metal series' counter guardian!
Submission tiem!
Didn't think I'd finish it today, but I did! Feast your eyes on Bark the Polarbear from Sonic the Fighters!
When Bark entered the Fighters Megamix tournament, he expected to fight the best fighters in the world. When he had to fight the Daytona Hornet, he became furious. A car mocking his sport?
It's payback time! This brawler takes to the road to somehow make a fool of the Hornet. He drives the beast known as Blizzard-STF. Ice? Just like tarmac for this machine!

You know ze drill. First post.
Blaze sets the tracks on fire! Her fire-fueled Crisis Storm leaves the competition in ashes.
Are you up for the heat?

Obligatory "Go to first post".
And with that we've got a Blaze section!
Always changing the future, yet always manages to be born. Silver paradox's his way into the 20th century, the 16-bit era, to show Mario Kart what racing is all about.
He's dumbstruck when he finds out not a single Mario character showed up in what has now become the Chaos GP.

First post.
Also, I'd like to have Blaze updated (first post too). The 'look back' and 'lose' frames had the wrong car graphics.
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