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Full Version: Nick's Sprites and Tiles
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Triple post. The guardian of the Master Emerald and last of the Echidna tribe joins the race, Knuckles the Echidna.

I plan to make Metal Sonic and Nack the Weasel in random order so that all Sonic Drift Racing characters are in SMK style.
It is a little on the big side, but a lot of time has been put into this and it's notable: Metal Sonic joins the race... KARTLESS!!! That's right: No kart, no car, no vehicle of any kind whatsoever!

Metal Sonic is without a doubt my favorite character from the Sonic franchise. All that is left to do is Nack the Weasel (my second favorite Sonic character) and I'll have all Sonic Drift Racing playables covered.
Nice idea for Metal Sonic!
Updated Metal Sonic: Metal Sonic in kart Surprise
The Marvelous Queen and her captain enter the GP. Nack "Fang the Sniper" the Weasel is added to the roster, making all Sonic Drift Racing characters in SMK style a reality!
Who is next?
Big the Cat, Chaotix?
Eggman's robotic doppelgänger joins the race: Egg Robo was added!
Hey, Nicktendo! If your still taking requests, could you do Sally or Cosmos? Its pretty awesome that your sprites look so real! I know this isn't very...Sonic detailed...Do you know Animal Crossing? If so, would you do any of the animals?
Can you feel the Sunshine?
Tails Doll wants to play. Let it play.
If you can see a pattern here, you might predict what I'm going to make next. It'll be a fairly simple edit like Tails Doll.

And no, I don't do requests. That doesn't mean what you request won't happen.
A quick edit of Knuckles, Mecha Knuckles joins the party to complete the Sonic R roster!

What to do next... Hmmm...
Nice sprites, Nick. I'd love it if you could do...maybe...some Sonic Fighters people Tongue That will work maybe!
nice edits!
Are you making custom sprites of Sonic characters only, or characters from Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing?
(12-31-2010, 07:02 PM)Mushroom Hedgehog Wrote: [ -> ]Are you making custom sprites of Sonic characters only, or characters from Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing?

Originally, this thread is for Sonic characters only, but I've made other game characters in the past, like Solid Snake and Samus Aran, so who knows.

In general, I have been trying to work on a new character, but isn't coming out the way I want to. Well, I've tried 2: Rouge and Blaze, but neither seem to work out the way I want to or give me the drive to continue like the other sheets have. That's why production has come to a stop lately. (Monster Hunter Tri is to blame as well)
Don't worry, because school starts Monday, I have a computer from 9:00 AM till 5Cute0 PM, so when I'm not working on my school project, I might retry and finish either or both characters out of boredom. No distractions, no slacking off. Might I not finish it on Monday, I'll continue on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, etc. They will be done eventually, that is the promise I make.
So surprise, next characters will be Rouge and Blaze. But who will be first?
A princess, a guardian AND able to go Super using 7 mystical gems? Sounds like they mixed Sonic, Sally and Knuckles and turned it into a catgirl.
Blaze the Cat is ready to burn some rubber!
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