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Full Version: Sprite Ripping Project 3: Old-School TMNT
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Right, pretty sure this is all of them...

[Image: tmnttsr.png]

Edit: Water Death added
Nice! Looks a lot more complete!
there's an area where you rescue the captured turtle in world 3.
that and the death sprites are pretty much what's left.
Gah death sprites... forgot about those. I'm guessing there going to be same as the mutating sprites but I'll go take a ganders.
And I'll go rescue a turtle as well. Well I'll slap 'em up tomorrow - calling it a night.
Cannot thank enough.
[Image: tmnttsr.png]

Well I think that's all of them. Sadly there's no full rope-less turtle sprite (checked tiles) and Raph's downward attack starts as Leo's sword in game so I've done it like that in the sheet.

I did this using FCEU as the sprites I did ages ago were done using that, but since then I've started using VirtuaNES, and the pallete is quite different. So I was wondering which one is more accurate (sadly I don't have my NES with me at the moment to check myself) or if it doesn't really matter?
[Image: Enemiesicon.png]

(Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1: Fall of the Foot Clan)

Sorry it took so long to get up.
This should be every possible pose for him, other than the portraits and alternate palette, I just need to rip the full power bar attack effects.
[Image: mutantwarriors__ratking02.png]
Where's TMNT: Tournament Fighters for the NES? Smile

TMNT 4 is turtles in time, not Tournament Fighters.
But yeah he's right - your missing it.
(12-23-2010, 02:21 PM)Goemar Wrote: [ -> ]TMNT 4 is turtles in time, not Tournament Fighters.
But yeah he's right - your missing it.

turtles in time?
[Image: Teenage%20Mutant%20Hero%20Turtles%20-%20...ters-1.png]
Yeah, that's the title of the game, but TMNT 4 is Turtles in Time. It goes TMNT, TMNT2: The Arcade Game, TMNT3:Manhattan Missions, and TMNT4: Turtles in Time.
A while back, I tile-ripped the Big Krang sprites from the 1st stage, and I tile ripped the Rat King, both from the SNES version, of course. The Rat King on the site is almost complete. It's only missing few things. Krang's little antennae is separate for whatever reason Tongue

[Image: TMNTIV-TITBK.gif]

Rat King:
[Image: TMNTIV-TITRK.gif]
Very cool. Have you thought about doing any others? Big Grin
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