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Full Version: Sprite Ripping Project 3: Old-School TMNT
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Leonardo finally done, other 3 sheets and icons updated. Check it out!
(11-23-2010, 03:07 AM)Tonberry2k Wrote: [ -> ]Leonardo finally done, other 3 sheets and icons updated. Check it out!

Where in the game did you find the backgrounds to those icons?
The intro. If you just wait a few seconds it shows them on the start screen.
Excellent sheets Tonberry2k.

- Arcade Turtles in Time KRANG 100% complete

- Arcade Turtles in Time Shredder 95% Complete (missing "dying" sprites)

I am still working on Arcade 1 Krang and Shredder, but I found they each have a lot more tile sprites than what I expected...will take a while, but I will finish them.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Looking good! And thanks!
Did the Rock Soldier from HH. Updated the Turtles for (hopefully) the last time.
Pretty cool!
Finished up Super Shredder and added him to the site.
Where's regular Shredder? Is he in the game?
No, he immediately transforms into Super Shredder when you enter the room.
This seems like an awesome project; the Ninja Turtles rock! I grew up watching these dudes on TV and playing the arcade games! If I actually had my own computer (I'm using a friend's right now), I'd gladly contribute.

On a side note, kinda sorta related to this: In the first arcade game, the purple foot soldiers tended to grab the player a little too often. Anyone else find that...odd? Tongue
Who accepted Max Beta's Shredder?


It's missing his lighting attack. how can anyone miss that? (He does that cheap attack alot and hits anyome most of the time.)
Doesn't the helmetless Shredder have attacks too? I don't remember if he does in the arcade version, I'm only making assumptions there.
Guys, you are both right about Arcade 1 Shredder missing sprites, but I did state that the sheet was unfinished and that I am still working at it when I get the chance. The tiles were a bit messy to deal with at that time and I have been very busy with work, so please be patient as it will soon come to be.

I leave you with a sneak peek at the current work-in-progress sheet where you can see that I have not missed out on the lightning attack and other things like Walking in angle sprites and such.
^Just so you know, you can take screenshots of the tile viewer (F12) and not have to worry about the program border. And depending on the version of MAME (don't know which), the tiles in the upper left corner may have been made obscured by the text.
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