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Full Version: Sprite Ripping Project 3: Old-School TMNT
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Brilliant. Glad to see the "toitles" gettin' ripped.
Hello everyone, I am new to the forums but a veteran when it comes to visiting the site.
I will like to offer some of my rips as well.

KRANG from the first Arcade game

Krang from the Turtles in Time Arcade

Both sheets are 90% done as of now, but I will be able to complete them throughout this weekend.

Kudos on the amazing rips guys. Keep them coming!
Hell yes! I'm so glad someone is tackling one of the arcade games! Please do more. I wonder if someone out there could look at the tiles to fix that problem with Krang's face being obscured by the HUD? Tongue

Also, I plan to finish Leo this week sometime.

EDIT: Also, MaxBeta, I just want to say that I love your sheet layouts. Very clean and easy to use.
MaxBeta, are you going to do the other bosses from the arcade games as well?
great rips. if you know how to use MAME's tile viewer, the current versions are a lot easier to navigate through. that's what i use. Tongue
this site explains how to do so. it's also takes a while putting everything together (sprites, and palettes)
i was going to rip the Turtles from both games. but i'll might stop if you're going to.

with that tutorial, you'll be able to get Krang's intro from the first game. and that sprite covered by the hud from the second.
It took a while but I FINALLY finished Donatello's sheet from TMNT 4(SNES) :]
The sheet contains every sprite from the game!
However, I will not rip the other turtles. I'm tired of playing that game(I completed it two and a half times to have all the poses..)
[Image: donatello_tmnt4_i.png]
How did you get that darker pallet with the white eyes?
(11-20-2010, 04:11 PM)A.J. Nitro Wrote: [ -> ]How did you get that darker pallet with the white eyes?
In the option menu you can change the turtles color from the animated series to the comics one
Thanks for the kind words about my rips, and thanks for hosting them here.

Well I really just plan on both Krangs and both Shredders because I am also working on my own TMNT fangame...but who knows?

Thanks for the tips! I will look into it. Love your sheets, btw...very professional.

I should have everything up soon. Stay tuned early next week guys.
Thanks Solink! And I know what you mean. I've played though Hyperstone Heist way too many times and I'm going to have to do it again soon, haha.
Great to hear it, MaxBeta!

It's crazy how much they skimped on HH's sprites compared to TIT's.
Leonardo has been started. I might do Shredder and the Rock Soldiers depending on how I feel when they show up.
Just a quick update of what little I could do over the weekend.

SHREDDER from Arcade 1

SHREDDER from ARCADE Turtles in Time

Now I will look into adding whatever is missing to both Krang and Shredder sheets. I went ahead and used the Mame Tile trick as suggested by dolphman, but there's only BG and Cinematic tiles there and hardly any character sprites. I guess I'll have to use ArtMoney or something similar to get rid of that pesky HUD.
as you press F4 to get into the tile-viewer. you press enter to through the other screens.
"+" zooms out
"-" zooms in
"[" page left
"]" page right
"up/down keys" smooth scrolling
"left/right keys" palette scrolling
"page up/page down" quick scrolling

and print screen to capture the image. you might need the screen to be in window mode for this.
Wow! Very cool. Are the turtles and other enemies in easy tiles as well?
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