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Full Version: Sprite Ripping Project 3: Old-School TMNT
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(10-28-2010, 04:09 PM)Tonberry2k Wrote: [ -> ]Hmm, found out that the spin is in this game. Does anyone know where the bubble sprites from the SNES game are used? I want to see if they're in this game too.

I believe they're from Krang when he's in his ship. He shoots out bubbles as one of his attacks, and if you're hit, you get trapped.
You only fight him in the armor in the Genesis version, so that's good news.
Finished up Raph and Krang. I'll just link to the site instead of uploading here. Tongue
(10-29-2010, 12:12 PM)Tonberry2k Wrote: [ -> ]Finished up Raph and Krang. I'll just link to the site instead of uploading here. Tongue
Quote:Not Found

The requested URL /genesis/tmnthyperstoneheist/index.html was not found on this server.
Apache/2.2.3 (CentOS) Server at Port 80
Very weird~

The links in the main post are also all dead.
Seems to be working now...
My contributions are being kinda held up by my Halloween event entry, but I have roughly three ripped, but they need to be cleaned up a tad. The others I have ready to go at any time though. Should have all the Turtles II bosses on the NES done in a day or two.
Hooray! Glad you're ripping again.
[Image: tmnt3gb__dirtbag__icon.png] [Image: tmnt3gb__triceraton__icon.png] [Image: tmnt3gb__scaletail__icon.png]
Not much but it is better than nothing:

[Image: tmntfightersfuturisticc.png][Image: tmntfightersmirageplane.png]
I have more sheets ready to go soon. I just gotta put them all together. Also, I updated Shredder's sheet with Super Shredder on the main site, so go check that out.
[Image: icon1png.png]
[Image: tmnt3gb__cybershredder__icon.png]

That does it for the bosses, someone else can do the enemies and other crap.
Great! Thanks, guys!
here we are, re-rips of TMNT-4's bosses plus the intro.
Sewer Surfin' Enemies
Tokka & Rahzar (update of my old one)

[Image: tmnt4-icon01.png] [Image: tmnt4-icon02.png] [Image: tmnt4-icon03.png] [Image: tmnt4-icon04.png]
[Image: tmnt4-icon05.png] [Image: tmnt4-icon06.png] [Image: tmnt4-icon07.png] [Image: tmnt4-icon08.png]
Awesome! Thanks so much, man! I'm guessing the SNES version?
Where's Krang's bubble attack?
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