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Full Version: Sprite Ripping Project 3: Old-School TMNT
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Hey, are you guys also going to rip TMNT sprites from other games, like Mutant Nightmare on the nds and Battle for Nexus on the GBA et all.?
This project was more for the old-school Turtles games.
Aaaaaaaaw so that means no....
(12-14-2010, 01:58 PM)Deathbringer Wrote: [ -> ]Rat King ~ TMNT - Tournament Fighters (SNES) [WIP] *Updated*
[Image: mutantwarriors__ratking01.png]

Can I contribute to your spritesheet? I was going to rip the Rat King myself, but since you already did it, I can at least do the effects that are missing:

[Image: TMNTTF-RatKingSpecial.gif]

Pinked him out for alignment, and since he flashes while ducking down. The aura has correct colours.
This Site offers so much great stuff for my TMNT Mugen Fullgame Smile

Thank you very much to the Spriterippers.
Here's Michelangelo from the NES Tournament Fighters I've been working on.
[Image: micky_TF_NES.png]
Great job! Thanks!
Hey Enscripture. I've been following your rips on MFG and its a great thing you finished that Shredder from Arcade 1.
I had really lost interest in completing it because of how busy I have been.

Since you are on a hot ripping streak right now, I have a petition. You think you could rip Krang's Intro from the same game as well?

I would gladly merge the missing sprites with my submitted sheet and credit you on it, Creepy Skull Stamp and all. Genki ^_^
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