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Full Version: Sprite Ripping Project 3: Old-School TMNT
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Hooray! Big Grin Heart
Here's the rest:

[Image: Donatelloicon.png][Image: Michaelangeloicon.png]
(10-26-2010, 06:59 PM)A.J. Nitro Wrote: [ -> ]If RBY is doing Fall of the Foot Clan and Deathbringer is doing Radical Rescue, can I claim Back from the Sewers for the Gameboy?
Knock yourself out.

[Image: tmnt3gb__scratch__icon.png]
Here's two more sheets:

[Image: Bossesicon.png][Image: LevelFinishScenesicon.png]

All that's left is the enemies.

Also as I was playing through the game I noticed two more sprites that were universal for all of the turtles so here are the updated sheets:
Fantastic! I love you guys!
[Image: tmnt3gb__leonardo__icon.png] [Image: tmnt3gb__raphael__icon.png] [Image: tmnt3gb__donatello__icon.png]
I didn't have much experience with this series when I was younger, oh well it was quick to do.

[Image: tmnthyperstonebaxtersto.png]

Oh and anyone ripping The Hyperstone Heist, there are palette changes with the Turtles when Comic mode is selected instead of Anime in the Options screen.
I thought there might be. I haven't checked yet. Thanks.
From TMNT2 on gameboy. I'll try and get the rest of the turtles soon.
[Image: icon1png.png][Image: icon2png.png]
This project is radical! Lots of progress Heart
Good job not using that terrible stretched neck sprite on Donatello's icon for Mikey's. Tongue
Haha I know, right? Donatello will need to be re-ripped anyway since it's missing some poses.
[Image: icon1png.png]
Updated the first post with what has been ripped so far. I've also done some more on Donatello; plank hitting face, sewer surfing, "my toe! my toe!"

EDIT: Whoops, got your Leo, AJ.
[Image: rodneyicon.png]
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