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Full Version: Similar tunes in Vidya games [back again]
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Two Super Famicom games have music whose melodies sound very similar to each other. Listen to the SPC's and you might hear it.

Airplane - Hourai Gakuen no Bouken!
Stage 3-2 - Super Back to the Future Part II
Noticed another two:

John Madden Football - Theme
Richard Myhill - The Hit

Removing the voice samples of the former (or the hearing the not as good SNES version) and you hear how close they are, twangyness aside.

Thunder Force IV - Light of Silence
Perfect Dark - Chicago Stealth

For shame Grant Kirkhope, for shame... It's one that I noticed for years, wonder if he knows the similarities...

these are so clearly similar i wouldn't be surprised if the devs were sitting around listening to 80s music one day thinking "huh, this can work!"
Desert Strike - Main Theme

Duke Nukem II - Duke Kicks Ass

I guess Doom wasn't the only game that Bobby Prince did that was inspired by something else. Then again Duke Nukem II was full of borrowed stuff...
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