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Full Version: Similar tunes in Vidya games [back again]
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Here's a good one: this song is like a happy tropical version of this song.

Another? This song is basically this song redone in an tribal/African instrumental style.

More? Geez, what a demanding crowd. This song basically takes the counter-melody of this song and produces a main melody out of it. I guess it's justifiable, since they're both from the same game.

One more: I have a theory that this opening track appears to draw a little bit of inspiration from this anime opening. I'm probably wrong, but that doesn't mean they don't both have some similar "themes" in terms of how they sound pitch-wise and so forth.
I like the drum tracks used in  and . They kinda hold their own unique style, instead of sounding like overly drum & bass or punk/metal.
Surprised how no one mentioned Elec Man's stage theme from Mega Man sounding heavily like Journey's 'Faithfully' from the Frontiers album.
As I posted about this at another forum a while ago, I noticed that F1 Race of Champions II/Exhaust Heat 2's "Research & Development" song actually reminds me of Praga Khan's "Injected With A Poison".  Wink Observe, listen, and enjoy:

F1 Race of Champions II/Exhaust Heat 2 - Research & Development
Praga Khan - Injected With A Poison (MNO Power Mix)
Since DKR is one of my favorite games of all time, why not post a Similiar Tune in DKR?

And now,

His World (Sonic 06)
I Am The Doctor (2010)

I thought the GoT theme sounded like Dragonborn as well, but meh, I can't seem to hear the correct song. Turns out the GoT theme isn't what I thought it was. Tongue

Get Lucky
After listening to it very closely, I realized that part of the Combatribes ending sounds like Van Halen's Dreams.

Here's the ending theme to Combatribes:

And here's Van Halen's Dreams:
Was this moved to General Discussion? I remember this being in Gaming Discussion... 


Weird MS DOS Games inspired Gravity Falls' theme.
When you think about it, it's really weird.
At about 20 seconds.

I just listened to the new IIDX soundtrack and holyfuck parts of these sound hella fucking close from mario kart 7 and the end of this remix of Plastic Pop. More commonly known as "that music used for the moleskinsoft clone remover keygen"
Hey, glad to hear that this thread's hoppin'!
Had to dig for these ones:

This holds a similar melody to this, just in a different style.
The beginning of this dramatic piece very seemingly borrows a similar feel of this one...(Mostly my opinion)
This one always stood out to me.
It's the same song. Mario & Stitch coming to a Disney channel near you.
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