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Full Version: Similar tunes in Vidya games [back again]
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This sounds a lot like this but with a slightly slower tempo.
I can hear Count Bleck's theme in the boss theme of Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam.

I can also hear Super Paper Mario's Flipside theme in the credits theme of Paper Mario: Sticker Star.
Harvest Hazards from Tropical Freeze kinda sounds a little bit like That's All by Genesis sometimes, doesn't it?

(Boy am I glad the YouTube comments were there to tell me which Genesis song specifically - I so rarely listen to them but as I was listening to Harvest Hazards while driving it was bugging me how easily I was able to imagine Phil Collins singing along with it and I had to know why.)
Wily Castle 1 from the original Mega Man and the boss theme from Kirby's Adventure sound pretty similar.

sharing mostly because i love abba and cave co ltd composers >.>
Oh hey this is a thing?

Dynamite Dux - Boss theme

Street Fighter EX3 - Darun Mister (skip to 0:44)

Also speaking of Street Fighter.

Superman (Sega Genesis) Stage 1


Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter - Chun Li

Honorable mentions:

Beware The Forest Mushrooms Vs. The Wonderland world in Kingdom Hearts

Mute City Vs. Captain America's theme from Marvel Vs. Capcom
This one, Duke's theme from Battle Arena Toshinden.

And this, Storm's theme from X-Men vs. Street Fighter

they might have similar grace.
Sorry for the semi bump, but since I noticed this one, I have issues unhearing it.

This one is so freaking obvious, that I don't even need to tell you (I hope)

If you don't understand, let SMW help you.

Not gonna embed more than one vid on a post
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