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Full Version: The Pixels Of Joxon
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I'm back and I've brought more sprites. This time based on my favourite YouTuber. PeanutButterGamer.
[Image: PSlvm5P.jpg]
I tried to go for a cave storyish style. I just started with a base before I animate him. I know it definitely needs work so... Let c+c commence
DLC Jontron OP character required
(10-28-2014, 08:22 PM)Dragon_Throne Wrote: [ -> ]DLC Jontron OP character required
Early DLC preview
[Image: rC13JMg.jpg]
I'm actually considering doing Jon Jared and Jiard after.
PeanutbutterGamer is easy to like, but the style here only vaguely resembles Cave Story and there's pillow shading on his face. Also, not only does the sprite barely look like him and the head and limbs are shaped oddly.
the contrast between your shades on everything except his face is so little that i really thought there was no shading
I agree with Blue; it's especially bad around the shirt where you can't even see the lines dividing the torso and sleeves without using a fill tool.
1. I tried to go for a style that is LIKE cave story not actually cave story styled.

2. [Image: g6dGNlX.jpg]
Tried to fix the contrasting.

3. Any tips to make him look more like PBG?
Better, but still hard to see some of the shades. The hat looks banded, too. As for PBG, I'm not familiar with him, so I can't comment on resemblance.
It's not a hat...
Well then you REALLY need to work on the readability for that, because it looked like a hat to me. 0_0
I see no resemblance and the style.
-Head Shape is odd.
-Eyes too close together and misshapen.
-Body is too big and blocky.
Well if they don't even look like PBG in the first place, I'm switching sprites.
[Image: bPjJ3dk.jpg]
How about this one?
That is an improvement. A few problems, though, the shading on the shoes is almost impossible to notice, much like the shirt in th eold version, and the shape of his head is a little weird. Here's something I came up with:

[Image: nbQV5gg.png]

The shoulder was a toughie; you might as well leave it alone. Also, by using the same brown from the hair on the shoes, you fix the contrast as well as trim down the palette.
I have to agree. His shading on the shoes I didn't even notice until Midi pointed it out - it just looked like black to me.
Otherwise, I'm liking the style. And as a PBG fan, I SAY.....Me likey.
[Image: VXF8w64.jpg]
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