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DogToon64's temporary substitute for the YouTube community tab
Hey everyone, I'm going to go on a break from this place for a few days. And before I do, I just wanted to tell ya'll that I have a 50 sub special collab up. Watch the video here to know what it is, what to do, and the rules:

(NOTE: This used to be only for the video up above. Now, I'm turning it into my temporary substitute for YouTube's community tab until I get the community tab on YouTube)

I'll share behind the scenes for my animations, x-tra content, and where my new animations go
If you subscribe to my channel on YouTube, it'll help

(PLEASE don't comment anything! any comments in here will get reported)
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Yeah yeah, I know I'm inactive, but I just had to get this out of my system.
I'll probably be back on the 30th or the beginning of next month, then I'll go back to being inactive.

Few of you probably know that I said in my last upload that I'll get some animations ready for next month and an upcoming livestream soon.
Well, my plans are that I'll first share this screenshot I made, so here you go:

Second, I'll be going live in a few days, and I'll share the trailer during my livestream. Later, I'll share the video itself in a separate video and share it here

Well, that's all for right now, until later, see ya'll next time!

(PS. down below, you'll see a little writing about the neutron style, just so ya'll will know, it's my new signature. I couldn't think of anything else, so I combined a funny quote from Toontown, and the Neutron style to make my new signature)
If you can't handle the heat.
You can't handle the neutron style.
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