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Welcome to...
DogToon64's Temporary Substitute for the YouTube Community Tab

Until I get 500 subscribers on YouTube to unlock the Community Tab, this is where I'll share behind-the-scenes for my animations, extra content, new videos, random stuff, spicy stuff, renders, and more.
Feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel (if you want to of course).

(PLEASE don't comment anything! Any comments in here will get reported) <- Don't pay attention to this, it's outdated now. :P

UPDATE 2: I decided that I'm going to put some videos in spoilers to reduce loading time.
Yeah yeah, I know I'm inactive, but I just had to get this out of my system.
I'll probably be back on the 30th or the beginning of next month, then I'll go back to being inactive.

Few of you probably know that I said in my last upload that I'll get some animations ready for next month.
Well, my plans are that I'll first share this screenshot I made, so here you go:

Second, Later, I'll share the trailer for upcoming animations in a separate video and share it here

Well, that's all for right now, until later, see ya'll next time!

(PS. down below, you'll see a little writing about the neutron style, just so ya'll will know, it's my new signature. I couldn't think of anything else, so I combined a funny quote from Toontown, and the Neutron style to make my new signature)
Here's a little 3D Zoroark Mario Render I made in Blender
(lolz, that kind of rhymed)


Working on some new animations, I will post the trailer later
Here's the trailer to some new upcoming animations. Enjoy!


Welp, I'm almost done with another animation! If I complete it this month, this will mean it'll be my fourth animation I've completed in July of 2020!
Yes, that's right, I'm crazy enough to finish and make THREE animations this month!

I might upload one to YouTube later, I'll share it here as well.

Today, I got two sheets accepted on tSR! TWO!!! B) 

Here's a sneak peek, enjoy!

EDIT: I did finish it a while back, and I made 4 animations that month B)
New animation premiering later today! B)
One reason I like Mega Man 5 is because I can defeat some of the robot masters with the M-Buster/ default ability. Here's a few videos I made months ago:
(videos are in a spoiler to reduce loading time)
It looks like the recent drama is finally over. Thank goodness!
Anyways, as well as saying that, I also wanted to tell you all that my most popular video on YouTube, Sonic CD Amy's Story, has made it over 6000 views today! 6000!

If you haven't seen it yet, here's the video:
(If you have seen it and you're a member of the VG resource, thank you for watching! If you're new to it, thank you!)
Until then, see you until next week's post  Wink 

PS. As you can see on the right, I'm on the Sounds Resource now! But I'm rarely going to upload there, so don't expect me to rip sounds as often as I rip sprites or make sprites.

EDIT: Welp, it looks like the recent drama is going on a bit longer...
I said I would post an update next week, but I aired this video today so I thought ya'll would enjoy it:
New Sonic animation today! B)

It's been a while since I've done a Sonic animation, so I thought I'd make a short one.
It's also based off of, and an extended version of the first of this animation by Patafoin

(I'll post a sneak peek to another animation sometime next week Wink )

EDIT: Don't forget to turn the captions on!
JoshR691's back! I can't believe it! After 3 years, one of my favorite spriters has came back! Some of you don't know this, but I really love his custom Pokemon sprites, they helped me make my Pokemon animations, and animations with Pokemon rigs in them.

To JoshR691: If you're reading this right now, here's something I made for you, I hope you like it Smile

[Image: attachment.php?aid=10865]
Howdy ya'll. Welcome back to another update in my substitute for the YouTube community tab.

First of all, it appears that the Nintendo Gigaleak drama we had recently is completely over now. And thank goodness (I said that before, but this time it really is over)

Secondly, I'd like to announce that I'm more than 3/4s of the way to 100 subscribers! YABBA DABBA DO! (Yes, I like the Flintstones)

Third, I'm going to rip a certain character from Cuphead. And let me tell you this: as well as Cuphead being a hard game, it's very hard to organize the sprites O_O

Fourth, I'm going to post a video on YouTube later this month for me no-damaging a certain difficult boss. (well honestly, isn't almost every boss on cuphead hard?)

Fifth, as for ripping sprites from Pizza Tower, I'm now able to look inside the Sage 2019 files. And I've found even more interesting things (besides patreon characters that are unused at this moment). And I'm also going to rip the sounds from the Sage 2019 demo as well.

Sixth, there's a battle for which will be my 10th most popular sheet: "You Suck" Message VS. Pokemon Yellow styled Metal Knuckles
Which will become my 10th most popular sheet? Only time can tell...

Seventh, I've been ripping sprites from Mega Man 7. On top of that, since I've ripped some other sprites from Sonic 3D Blast from the SEGA Saturn, I'll upload those later on. I have other games I'm ripping sprites from, but I won't say what they are since it will take a while.

Eighth, I'm going to continue ripping the Toppins' from Pizza Tower. I kind of forgot about them, but I'll get them ripped.

Ninth, and finally, here's a render of Zoroark I made:

Well, that's all. See ya'll soon!

If some of you didn't see the comic I posted in the VGR Weekly Comics Thread, here's what I put up:
[Image: attachment.php?aid=10880]

If ya'll want me to post more comics, PM me and let me know
(don't comment here)

EDIT: Oh, and I almost forgot, Dee Ja Neigh (Orange Horse) belongs to Lady-With-A--K
I did some data mining in Pizza Tower, and here's something I found:

Coming soon: How to rip sprites from the Sega Saturn

Be sure to subscribe to my channel on YouTube:

These don't really matter, but I got tSR:
The Spriters Resource

And tSoR:
The Sounds Resource
(I hardly even use it)
Yesterday, I made a tutorial on how to rip sprite from the Sega Saturn if anyone's interested:

As for an update:

1. I ripped something from Cuphead! It's small, and it's pending right now though...
I got a few sprites I'm ripping from Cuphead, once I get them submitted, I'm probably not going to rip from it again. Or at least a while

2. I still don't have any sneak peeks yet. BUT! I do have this edited sprite of Grim Matchstick enjoying pizza: [attachment=10896]
Give credit if used. Btw, the red around his mouth is sauce, not blood or clown makeup, even though he looks like a clown... it's just a really saucy pizza...

(to someone I know IRL that might be reading this thread and will understand: I think he's happy, even though he looks like an evil clown XD)





3. Ok, ok. I lied. I "sort of" have a sneak peek. But you'll have to guess what it is.
First: Watch this video
Second: Listen to this
Third: Watch this
And last: Watch this

That's all. Watch and listen to those videos, add them all together, and figure out what I'm working on.
(if you have an idea, PM me, and see if you figured it out)

4. As a bonus, I ripped these sprites from Mega Man 7:
[Image: attachment.php?aid=10893]
No credit needed, but would be nice.

That's all for an update, sorry it wasn't much. I'll try to come up with something next time.
Later my dudes Wink 

...Or if you're a hater:
Later haters
* blows raspberries *
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