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Thanks for the critique, it's helping a lot. I haven't worked on the portrait yet as I want to finish more animations before I get back to that but I will work on it soon.
For now have a jumpy boy
[Image: JrqS8ZO.gif]
[Image: Q9yYikZ.gif]
[Image: Y0PFIfA.gif]
Also burnt and Strawb'd
[Image: 3lq4TDp.png]
[Image: u2F8r10.gif]
So uhhh, embarrassingly enough I realized after playing the most recent demo that Vipershark was already doing the Rohan pose in his portrait

So I redid mine entirely
[Image: EasYv26.png]
This one's not actually a Jojo pose, but I felt it worked well enough. Mad props to whoever knows what it's in reference to

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