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Happy "America is screwed" day! Defeated
In other news,
another one
[Image: dRJYWVX.png]
[Image: GA86o1i.gif]
Still very wip-tastic with only a couple sketches of moves, but yeah I got some stuff done at least \.o./
c e r t i f i e d   m e m e l o r d .
>> << you should check this out
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Hey, whatdya doin'?! Do you want to be in the game or not? Finish your sheet!
Animations - MFGG TKO (scrapped) - tFR
[Image: QUmE6.gif]
"It feels that time is better spent on original creations" - Konjak
Focus on the performance, the idea, not the technical bits or details - Milt Kahl
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