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Oh hai der sexy how are you?
Wow, opened this thread expecting to see shit.

I was wrong, this stuff is great!
this is a sig

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Thanks Sploder, I notice it now too. I'll try and fix that up in my next update.

Thank you Woppet, glad to know you don't think it sucks. =)
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I don't know if this is what you're going for, but, if you still want to make him cute, you might wanna reduce the tongue movement. It makes him look stupid (Which, surprisingly, has a certain charm to it.).
[Image: E3DU8rS.png]
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If you want more focus on the bird, give him cross-eyes.
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[Image: 35lao2c.png]
Already made him cross-eyed! Thanks for the edit though. I'll post the current one later today after I do more work with the torso on it. =)
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though i feel it would look better if he was watching the birds flying instead. i don't see birds standing on him given that he's suposed to be moving around trying to touch/interact with them
I wanted him to look more amused and just watch the birds rather trying to "touch/interact" with them.. I suppose your idea is better though. =/
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[Image: imjustlikebirds.png]
Sorry for the slow progress, I've been quite busy lately. =(

And look what I found on pixelation! =') (Not mine)
[Image: rejectedskeletonwip.png]

[Image: iaza19289217532600.gif]

Time to pixel more often now... Probably just going to be putting up sketches like the one above.
my, you do love blue+orange

awesome, btw
[Image: ZRdfkWQ.jpg]
Very nice, to me it looks like your work its aimed for a cutscene feel which seems to be working. Keep it up!
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(12-19-2010, 10:32 PM)Kyleglor Wrote: Very nice, to me it looks like your work its aimed for a cutscene feel which seems to be working. Keep it up!

Thank you. =)

(12-19-2010, 09:55 PM)Murderbeard Wrote: my, you do love blue+orange

awesome, btw

Haha, yea I noticed that. I was wanting to change the colours for the same reason, but got too lazy and figured that there would be no point since it was just a sketch. =b

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i know it's a wip sketch but it looks pretty flat.
[Image: x1aIZ2e.gif]
[Image: shrine.gif]

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Yea, I agree. I don't think the black outline helps it any, but oh well. Not going to continue on it, just was a monster I had to get outta my head. I'll be working on a larger piece soon and hopefully finish it! =)
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