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Oh hai der sexy how are you?
Another sketch. I might continue working on it later. Smile
[Image: dragonarena.png]

Another blue and orange combo, and another dragon. Tongue
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Awesome stuff, I especially like the blue dragon
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Thank you, kind sir. Smile

[Image: dragonarena.png]
S'ppose I will do some more refining to this
Ho my shit whoa
[Image: Bear2.png]
[Image: tumblr_ljk17tWfME1qd7kbno1_250.gif]
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Very nice, big attempt Smile hehe
[Image: logodarkshire24bit.png]
Thank you guys, means a ton.

Also, Elk, when will we be getting to see your dragon? I've been waiting in excitement for the day you finish that sucker. =)
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How do you start your drawings, delicious? Do you start with a midtone, and then add highlights and shades, or start darkest, and work up to light? Do you start with an outline and then remove it? Jus' curious
[Image: OH4K4jX.gif] [Image: R7WBBzo.gif] [Image: TsJpssj.gif]
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Your work really is very nice and I can understand why you're using complementary colour schemes so much, buuuuut...

stop using complementary colour schemes so much.
They are very useful for bringing interest and contrast into a piece, but you seem to be using them as a bit of a crutch recently.

Check it:
I want to see you do some analogous colour schemes, and some more monochromatic, and if you're feeling really adventurous, try a triadic one! Even if you then still mostly use complementary colour schemes, you should at least make a point of understanding other approaches to avoid resting on your laurels.

It's cool if you still want to draw dinosaurs and dragons though. I will never be critical of an abundance of giant lizards.
[Image: 6WzBw.gif]
Zeemort is a giant lizard.

Seriously though, Deli sprites extremely well, but then again, you must get that a lot.
[Image: E3DU8rS.png]
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(12-21-2010, 04:33 PM)Lexou Wrote: Zeemort is a giant lizard.

That's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me, Lexou. :'D
[Image: 6WzBw.gif]
Thank you guys

@Baegal: Usually start out with a really sketchy black and white drawing on my paint program, then I fill in the background and begin to apply the base colour. I then start adding the the shades and highlights and finally the highlights. Afterwards I just smooth everything out and apply the details. Thanks for the interest. Smile

@Tachikoma: I do agree, however the past two pieces that used complementary colour schemes are the ones that I haven't yet finished. Most of my finished work are monochromatic. But I do agree, I should play around more for my next pieces. Thanks!

Anyways, maybe this recent WIP monster sprite (bottom right) will ease up all that.
[Image: monsters1.png]

and this is where I left off on that collab project that Dex and I where doing... I'm not sure if we are working on it anymore together, but I might as well just play with it once in a while and get it done.
[Image: dexlecious.png]
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I love black and white anything

that worm is very nice
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Thanks! Smile

[Image: dragonarena.png]

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Reminds me of Ridley

also im sambo from pixeljoint
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Sweet. Wondering who that was, haha. Post more pixels! Tongue

[Image: dragonarena.png]
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