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Tutorial Collection - Previous - 12-10-2012

This topic holds links to the most relevant or helpful tutorial topics on the Resource Forums. If you think there's another one that should be listed, feel free to suggest it. New tutorials are appreciated, too!

Sprite Ripping
Arcade Game Sprite Ripping / "Hard Ripping"
Avengers Alliance Sprite Ripping (Flash)
CPS1/CPS2 & Neo Geo Ripping Tutorial
GBA Sprite Ripping Tutorial (video tutorial, blocked in some countries)
PC Engine / Turbografx 16 Ripping Tutorial
PlayStation Ripping Tutorial
Ripping from MAME (Arcade)
Sharp X68000 Ripping Tutorial
Mega Drive/Genesis Ripping Tutorial
Super Nintendo Ripping Tutorial

Model Ripping
Blender OBJ fix + Noesis OBJ fix
Cleaning up random gaps (Blender)
Game Specific Model Ripping Guides
How to rip N64 Models the Right Way
How to rip PS2 models
How to use GameAssassin
Model Ripping Guide For Beginners - BRRES Format
Smooth shading with Blender

Sound Ripping
Ripping GBA music/sound effects

Texture Ripping
Nintendo 64 Texture Ripping

General Ripping
DS Ripping Guide - Sprites, Sounds, Textures
Ripping files from WiiWare - WAD files

FamiTracker Tutorial - (Chiptune) Music
Previous' Spriting Dictionary - Shamelessly linking to my own website, yes.

RE: Tutorial Collection - Mighty Jetters - 02-21-2013

tells you how to get graphics from flash games (plus edit sprites, but that isn't the most relevant part of the guide lol).

also this, just because it exists:
could be useful in case someone can't get AnimGet to work and don't have the patience to use VBA's frame by frame function.

RE: Tutorial Collection - Previous - 02-21-2013

You know you can edit posts right?? Tongue

Personally I'm on the fence with the second, as the video is blocked in some countries and that other link is dead etc etc.

RE: Tutorial Collection - Mighty Jetters - 02-21-2013

idk, I figured you might want to add them. Tongue
also, I noticed that but figured since it exists anyway it could potentially at least be useful to someone who can view it, so might as well make it more noticable.

EDIT: I kinda found a place to download Animation Shop and updated the link in that thread. Shy

RE: Tutorial Collection - Mighty Jetters - 06-11-2013

added the new PC Engine / Turbografx 16 ripping tutorial by Magma Dragoon and MAME ripping tutorial by O Ilusionista to the list.
(I tried to keep to the formatting, hope it's okay Shy)

RE: Tutorial Collection - Magma Dragoon - 07-23-2013

Got more tutorials:

* Sharp X68000
* Mega Drive/Genesis

I'll probably make more tutorials, so I'll update this post when I do.

RE: Tutorial Collection - Mighty Jetters - 07-23-2013


RE: Tutorial Collection - Mighty Jetters - 07-25-2013

Added the SNES ripping tutorial by daemoth.

RE: Tutorial Collection - daemoth - 07-26-2013

I would suggest putting in here the Sprite Sheet Guideline, its pretty relevant and usefull. Also, you should change the name of "Arcade Game Sprite Ripping / "Hard Ripping"" cause it covers the cleaning process and its a nice tutorial for beginners. Maybe just add something like "How to clean your sprite".

RE: Tutorial Collection - Magma Dragoon - 07-27-2013

Another one bites the dust:

* Playstation tutorial

RE: Tutorial Collection - Mighty Jetters - 07-27-2013


RE: Tutorial Collection - Magma Dragoon - 02-08-2014

Moved my lazy ass and made a new one:

CPS1/CPS2 & Neo Geo

RE: Tutorial Collection - Jinzo-Advance - 06-22-2014

I'd like to add my smooth shading tutorial:
and my tutorial on cleaning up meshes with random lines and gaps:
Of course, I am doing this because I feel like these things I discovered by playing around with blender could be helpful in improving ripped models.

RE: Tutorial Collection - Mighty Jetters - 06-22-2014

Added the tutorials in the above two posts.

RE: Tutorial Collection - iyenal - 03-05-2016

I have do a tutorial for Wii U models :
and this but it's just a contracted version for textures :