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Sharp X68000 ripping tutorial
This is a quick sprite ripping tutorial for the Sharp X68000 computer. You will need the XM6 emulator.

NOTE: The official page is offline, so apparently this emulator has been discontinued. I'm leaving the link to it just in case it gets back online. I've hosted the last version on Mediafire, already with all needed files.

XM6 official page

XM6 download (Mediafire)

This emulator is in english, so it should be intuitive how to configure controls and such.

Boot up the game of your choice and play it to the point where the sprites you want are. If you need to pause the game, you must choose the menu "Debug -> Break", or press "ALT+F12" (to unpause, choose "Debug -> Execute"). In order to rip the sprites, choose the menu "View -> Video":

[Image: Ze0KKAq.png]

The pop-up menu has various options: all the "Graphic" options allow to view the background layers of the current screen; "Pallete" allows to view the palettes, obviously:

[Image: Hy3YVF1.png]

For the sprites themselves you must choose "View -> Video -> PCG". It will open a pop-up window, showing the sprites. In order to scroll through the palettes, just press the left mouse button. Alternatively, you can press the right mouse button to jump to a specific pallete address:

[Image: IYZ8nWm.png]
[Image: lhjFt57.gif][Image: sX7JK6W.gif][Image: 4BB3IOO.gif][Image: qHY3ZCP.gif][Image: oCiv6RT.gif][Image: RNSMdiR.gif][Image: gx5wm3G.gif][Image: ld7rSgS.gif]
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