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Full Version: Is this acceptable? (Mario 3-style enemies)
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I have some custom/edited sprites that are pending submission, I'd like to know if I've done this right or if I've broken any rules. There technically are some of the original unedited sprites here, but only for completion with animations and such. And as for the Nipper Plant, the enemies sheet on this site didn't have one, so I had to get one from SMA4 and color it with a similar palette, although the darkest shade of pink is wrong, as I couldn't find a single other graphic that used it with the layer 2 option in Paint, so I went with a Lava Lotus shade. Let me know if anything needs removed, please, or if I should just split this thing up (though I'd rather not). This was a several-month project, and technically is a WIP.
This is perfectly acceptable, if your sheet was not accepted yet, the staff will eventually do it. the Spriters Resource takes submissions from all over the world and while we have enough staff members, it's still too much content that needs to be rated and accepted. Please be patient.
It could use improvement, if I am being honest. Many sprites are simply reshades of official sprites from other games, and there is a lot of pillow shading going on. However it is a very good effort.

Also, there is a bit much text on the bottom.

I will move this to the sprite boards for you.
I know it takes a while, but I just wanted to know if there was too much minor edits, and whether the icon was acceptable or had too much going on. Thanks!

Most of the pillow shading in these sprites were on the original reference graphics, though I've been trying to move away from using it.

...also I only really seemed to care about size restrictions for the pokey, for some reason.

I'll probably edit the ones that are mostly just recolors some more to make them more unique, although my main goal was to make them match their latest respective official artwork, except ninji and bony beetle.

So is the icon good, or too much?
The icon is rather a mess, frankly. We rather just have a few characters or graphics on an icon for demonstration.
Bump this when you've made the edits. I think this is a great start. The forward-facing Koopas look good, as do a lot of the SML enemies you edited.

I'm going to suggest adding more. Maybe a larger Chain Chomp, some SML2 Cannon Pigs, Shyguys based on Yoshi's Island, maybe an extended Pidgit Bill... There are a lot of options.

As far as improvement,s anything with an "effect" could use work, like Bob-Omb's flame or Sparky's well, sparks. The spiky Cheep-Cheep could use some refining on the spikes, too. Hoopstar's spots look almost invisible.

There's probably more, but there's a start.
Last night I made a Gunion (octopus) from SML in this style, and I actually do have a YI Shy Guy, it's just not edited very much more than simple recoloring at this point, and as such clashes a bit with the SMB2 Shy Guys. I have a lot more motivation for the SML enemies than I did before now, as I just did a playthrough of the game a couple days ago. Also with Hoopster, I plan on giving it some "behind grating" sprites that shouldn't be too hard.

I personally think my best thing on here would either be the Bony Beetle or giving the larger Troopa shells an actual animation.
Some new, some improved. Some rather subtley, with shading and outlining differences. Would have done some more Mario Land and Mario Land 2 things, but my internet was gone due to storm clouding the dish, so I couldn't access the reference pictures to see the proper design/colors. At least Dino Rhino has a transition to Dino Torch now. Think I should do more "squashed" poses, or just have it so things fall off-screen like they tend to in 2D games?

I also started on Climbing Troopas, but I need to fix the heads to be less skinny. I was thinking of maybe making some SMRPG/Paper Mario/3D Mario enemies completely from scratch, but I think it would be best to get the enemy edits out of the way first. As for the spark, I figured it would just go on a RNG to simulate unpredictable electric flashing XD.
More, some WIP. I have the Angry Sun, the Bomubomu from SML2, Fuzzy, NSMBU-styled Torpedo Teds, accuractely-colored Fire Snake (will make the larger version from NSMBW in final), some in-progress Climbing Troopas, an in-progress Boom Boom actually hiding in his shell instead of in front of it, and some Mechakoopas with redrawn heads to reflect their actual artwork. Have not yet updated the big sheet with these.

From Paper Mario, I want to try to make Cleft and Bristle at least, and from RPG I want to try K-9 and the Spiky family. Maybe more for both.
Also considering enemies from the Wario Land series, and maybe even some Donkey Kong enemies.
Arcade enemies are also on my to-do list.
This is really coming along!
Mecha Koopa's finished, and I also have an Urchin and Wanderin' Goom here. For Wanderin' Goom, I have two separate choices for the shading of the upside-down version, one being just the regular sahding flipped, and the other corrected so the shading points the same way. Not sure which I'll have for the final. Also, Boom-Boom is fully in his shell now.

Nearly all the enemies from SMW are done now, with the exceptions being Hothead, Li'l Sparky, Chainsaw, Grinder, Floating Mine, Wiggler, Fishin' Boo, the chain for the Ball n' Chain, Chargin' Chuck (which as you know has a ton of poses), and the "Halloween" enemies, which I might not do. I think I'll move onto more Game Boy enemies afterwards, with some arcade, Yoshi's Island, and fully-custom ones intermittently between them. And of course, probably finish Boom Boom's complete set.
Well this took a little while, in comparison to the other things. Like, two or three days and nights straight. Anyways, Chargin' Chucks (or, in some circles, "Charlies," and others, "Koopa Football Players"), which as anyone who has sprited them before knows have a lot of poses due to the tiling. Aside from recoloring, I tweaked the posing a little for when the overlaps caused by the original tiles made them look awkward, as well as making it so it's no longer decapitated after each hit, making the shovel's handle a consistent length, giving more shading, and giving it sleeves in the jump/clapping sprites. Also, I changed one of the digging sprites so the shell would appear to be in a more natural position. I also gave the football an animation.

However, I used the original SMW artwork for color reference, and realized a bit too late that the red stripes on the helmet are now depicted as a light orange. I might change that later, and I still want to add some helmetless sprites, a la SM3DW, for the final hit, which thankfully would only need to use the Lookout Chuck sprites anyway.

So, I got through the main looming roadblock of time consumption I was faced with now. Now I need to get some sleep.

On a side note, I love how the front of the shell turned out in the jumping/clapping sprites!
I will say, I am impressed with these sprites in spite that they are edits. I think that if you keep going at this sooner or later they could be accepted on the site at some point.

Keep up the work.
Looking good. What strikes my eye is the pillowshading for Banzai Bill and Pidgey's carpet, they could use some work.
I corrected the colors on the helmet, and added some helmetless sprites. I think I'm done with Chargin' Chuck/Charlie/Koopa Football Player, unless I want to add new ones for the whistling ones (which to my knowledge, looked like part of the throwing pose, I think?). Guess I should move on. Might do Wiggler or a GB enemy soon, I want to do Wiggler and Flutter around the same time.

As for the pillowshading that has been mentioned, Banzai Bill was a temp job because quite frankly the shading on the official sprite looked positively atrocious, except the eye, but that was probably a lot due to the palette. That I'll fix. Pidgit's carpet actually has the same shading map as it did in All-Stars, but with different colors. It still looks awkward, so I'll probably work on it some more as well.
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