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Full Version: Is this acceptable? (Mario 3-style enemies)
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Made the Fighter Fly from Mario Bros., based off of an unused Model from Mario Power Tennis. ( ), which is in turn based off of its Game Boy Advance-Mario Bros. sprites, which are in turn based off of its Super Mario All-Stars sprites. I added spikes on top since you can't jump on them. Anyways, this has 24 unique frames and 43 total frames. 

Sorry the top is so uncompressed, I wasn't sure how high I would make it go at the outset. To see the animation, just click of course. Try to imagine it jumping forwards.
Been having to work on a lot of Programming homework before I can leave for the (underway) Spring Break, so haven't finished a lot of what I've started recently. This one was fairly simple, so I got it done quickly. I'm going to try and maybe get some Mario Clash things soon, but this is my rendition of a Wire Spark/Wire Trap from DK94 and Super Mario Sunshine.
I figured out how to animate quicker! Now this looks as it should.
So I have an animation of one of the Rotating Blocks from Super Mario World, and a bunch of random stuff in various levels of unfinished I decided to show. And no, I'm obviously not putting the bootleg guy in the final sheets, he's just here for fun. If I make a game from these, he might make a small appearance, I suppose. Anyways, that's all for now.
I think the eyes are a bit big on it and it looks a bit thick when it's rotating.
(03-26-2018, 05:01 PM)Ton Wrote: [ -> ]I think the eyes are a bit big on it and it looks a bit think when it's rotating.

It's supposed to be thick at first, as it starts as a block. As it spins, it flattens out into a panel, then thickens up again as it comes to a stop. As for the eye size....personal preference Tongue
Been a while again, eh? School had finals, then I worked to finish Odyssey, then finally started Pokemon Moon, and am now on vacation to Yellowstone....anyways, a lot of distractions. Here's what I have so far, a lot of incompleteness again, though....
Nice! I love the Mondo Moles and Piranha Plants so far! The Barrel shape is a bit off though. Check these for reference. Yours flare out on the ends. Real barrels don't really do that.
(06-08-2018, 08:23 AM)Ton Wrote: [ -> ]Nice! I love the Mondo Moles and Piranha Plants so far! The Barrel shape is a bit off though. Check these for reference. Yours flare out on the ends. Real barrels don't really do that.

Yeah, about the barrels, I know they look a tad odd, but my main goal with that was to make them look like the same object from the side as they did from the top (which the original arcade sprites blatantly didn't.)
Been following this topic for a while, and I have to say, I like the various SMB 3 style sprites you did here. Not only do they actually seem to fit quite well with the sprites from said game, but they also seem to have just enough changes to the core design make it feasible that Nintendo would have made them back then as well. Certainly better than the 'SMB 3 style' sprite sets that just recolour/shade the sprites a bit and call it a day.

So yeah, keep it up. It looks good so far.
No need to be bashful, Burts, you look pretty good in my opinion.

I also have some P-Switches I forgot to show in the last dump update, I suppose I might show them at a later point. Working on Scaredy Rat as well right now.

These actually are, in fact, edits of the original Burt sprites, but it's somewhat hard to tell. This took me about two days of on-and-off working. It's a better animation than the Buster Beetle one, since I put all the frames in one doc to figure out where they should go before I separated them.

On an unrelated note, check out the JGS Music remakes for several Donkey Kong Country series songs, BrawlBRSTMs3 uploaded several extended versions of them, and they are amazing. Their version of Northern Hemispheres in particular is just haunting.
I also have some for Kamek/generic Magikoopas in the works, but the arms are a tad difficult.
These were edited heavily from Kamek's SMW2 sprites.
First time I saw them, I thought they were Fly Guys in Kamek masks, instead of short Magikoopas with red robes and propellers. Got it backwards. Genki ^_^Sweatdrop
Those are really impressive! good job!
The theme of this update is Yoshi Pokeys!

I also have a Gusty, but it's not finished. Needs arms and animation.....

......the Drool Hard was made entirely in one night (tonight). The others were made sporadically on 2-3 busy days and nights. The "Heading" Pokey was finished tonight as well, after being started last night.

The thing about the Cactus Jack is that I don't like engine-based sprite rotation, so I did it myself and kept the shading fairly consistent. Due to this preference of mine, I'm not sure if a regular Blow Hard will be really feasible.
Wow! Those are really smooth!
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