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Full Version: Is this acceptable? (Mario 3-style enemies)
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I know I haven't updated this in a while, I have a crapload of Cheep Cheeps coming up at some point, but have been very much bogged down with school work from a variety of subjects, and am feeling rather burned out. The fact that I stayed up all night one night to make those ROMhack-friendly Monty Mole and friends sprites probably doesn't help there.

On a higher note, in one of my classes, I've learned to properly use Blender to make simple models! Will start more complex ones soon, apparently.

Cheep Cheep will come eventually, but for now, have Goomba. Has walking and simpler running animation, as I wanted it to be able to chase, like in the 3D games.
Pretty smooth. (I miss the original crab walk TBH. Tongue )
(10-20-2018, 05:43 AM)Dolphman Wrote: [ -> ]Pretty smooth. (I miss the original crab walk TBH. Tongue )

Was considering it, but ultimately it just didn't jive with the rest. Tongue (Trying to figure out how the shoes would work was the absolute deal-breaker.) Also someone's already done the "front-facing Galoomba" thing in the only way that really works, so I didn't really want to just repeat that. I'll probably have them briefly imitate the sideways walk when they turn. Anyways, it's much better than my previous ones, which were just edits of SMAS and SMM ones slapdashed together.

I was actually worried the head turning on here wouldn't be smooth enough XD. It looks a lot better when moving horizontally, though.
Been a while since I updated this, I had several things going involving Goombas and Cheep Cheeps, but school needed most of my time (and I spent most of the rest playing BotW in the later part, to be honest...)

Anyways, December the 16th is my 21st birthday, so I decided I'd make something for this. Whole thing took ~3 partial days.

This is actually the "big" version from the NSMB games, using the current design. Figured I'd get it out of the way before the regular-sized version. The hands were a nightmare, though. Ded
All right, now the normal-sized one is finished! Turns out starting with the big one was the right choice after all! Big Grin
They're not bad, but I feel the drop isn't very fast and needs to be to convey the characters' weight. Right now, it feels that they are made out of cardboard. You may have to remove frames from the animation.
(12-18-2018, 09:47 PM)SmithyGCN Wrote: [ -> ]They're not bad, but I feel the drop isn't very fast and needs to be to convey the characters' weight. Right now, it feels that they are made out of cardboard. You may have to remove frames from the animation.

I deliberately skipped (to the point that I didn't even assemble) the penultimate frame on the way down to represent the speeding up. Other than that, I was trying to just be faithful to their rather gravity-defying behavior in the games. Tongue Additionally, I wanted to make sure that the resulting hitbox wouldn't seem cheap.
Either way, the somewhat-slow speed is just the speed I had unFREEZ set to, frames can obviously be added and framerate changed as needed. I just wanted to demonstrate the animation.
Extremely minor thing affecting only two frames.

When making the rebound frames for the Big Whomps, I used arms from the previous animations, and edited the arms slightly for the two frames joining the animations. I forgot this initially when shrinking them, and used the counterparts to the original animations' arms for the last one. I realized this, and have now fixed it. The difference is negligible at best on the smaller scale, but I feel better.

Older (incorrect): [attachment=9083] [attachment=9085]

Newer (correct):  [attachment=9084] [attachment=9086]
I had my wisdom teeth pulled a few days ago, so I'll be brief.

I made an Eggplant Man running animation. Deceptively-simple.
Sorry I haven't posted in a while, the Photos application on my computer was broken for a while, making it hard for me to view my own.gifs. I'm still making this style of sprites, though, but I'm about to make a new thread for a separate project.
Rest assured, this is still alive, I've just been busy. Here's Hothead and some other things.
[Image: unknown.png]
I am hard at work creating a Gargantua Blargg that doesn't base itself off the Super FX chip's capabilities like the original did, but follows the regular Blargg design more. That being said, I'll have to layer the crap out of this to convincingly animate it. Also for some reason when I imagine it in action the Sand Ocean theme from Sonic Adventure 2 plays in my head, no idea why....
That's looking really great!
[Image: unknown.png]
OK, noodlearms or flippers? Both are currently using crude outlines.
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