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Full Version: Is this acceptable? (Mario 3-style enemies)
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Been a while, here some various bits and bobs of various states of being finished. Ironically, the thing that takes up the most of this was only started a few days ago.
I think these are great, but the flyin hammer bro looks freakishly tall.
I know, but it was that or make him a wide dwarf like the original was, which I can't get to look right no matter what. That's why the "sitting" variation exists, as its hitbox would be very close to the original's. The original sprites looked a bit more like they were a taller creature crouching, anyways. I also wanted to practice a bit of an exaggerated, Superstar Saga-esque animation type with it, due to an early version of the new head resembling Limbo Bro's. So that's why the legs animate in such a squashy way.
I'm liking this new style you're going with. Also like that you have the thug Koopa that was only seen in Mario's Time Machine as well.
(01-31-2018, 01:56 PM)Dolphman Wrote: [ -> ]I'm liking this new style you're going with. Also like that you have the thug Koopa that was only seen in Mario's Time Machine as well.

Thanks, that means a lot given you had previously stated how you felt that the SMAS SMB3-derived style was overused, so I suppose I'm heading in the right direction in making it more unique and fluid. I'm also finally getting down the "turning" and "fluid, natural walking" animations that have vexed me for years. I'm going to try and minimize the amount of 2-frame animations, as I figured out I can see how sprites animate by positioning them over each other at certain distances and scrolling, which shows me which are good and which are less so. Also, because SMB3 lacks sprite rotation, I'm going to make separate sprites for each frame of any rotating enemy...well, rotating, just as a matter of principal, and because that was always a thing that bugged me about the old sprite-based flash animations (aside from frequent mixing of styles...) I wish I'd remembered to show the "rolling giant spike ball" sprites I edited from the SMW2 Ball 'n' Chain, they're going to have like 24 unique frames when I'm done with them....also using that as an excuse to keep shading a consistent direction, so there isn't a reflection dot spinning around with it....

Oh, and as for the MTM Troopa thing, the NES MTM was one of the first games I ever emulated (about 10 years ago, a bit before I initially discovered the completely-different version of this place), and one of the first "official" Mario games I'd played in years at that point, so it's left a bit of a lasting impression on me. Back then, I thought they were off-model Hammer Bros. XD
Decided to animate the current set of sprites I'm working on. Still need to add shoes to the new "spiking" and "turning" sprites, and need to create new "falling apart" sprites. That's all for now, also working on Tap-Tap.
I think when the foot closer to us goes forward, the front of the shell should turn away from us more. It happens when the other foot moves forward.

The placement of the far foot seems a bit off to me as well. I think it’s either up or forward too much.

Looking good though!
If you look at the original 2-frame animation, it looks like it's shuffling forwards, like moving a half step, then a full step. Being a skeletal quadruped with two shoes, I decided that for this case I'd roll with it. Tongue

So yeah, the weirdness you mentioned is intentional for being an awkwardly-moving skeleton thingy. And thank you.

So yeah, I'm thinking that there's two feet jammed into each of those shoes, just as a way to reconcile the two different designs the enemy has used.
Here's a hastily-constructed Jelectro, fully-custom, tweaked base design.

EDIT: Took out some extra frames.
Blargg. I'll add a few more poses for it, like the "looking around under the lava" ones, and might make a better pouncing animation, this is a bit of a test for the design I went with....I figured using the cartoon design wouldn't make sense, why have a Gargantua Blargg if the normal one's already gargantuan? Colors and....not being made of lava based off of official artwork.

So yeah, it's sorta like a Plesiosaur in my design, and it flaps its flippers down when it leaps.

Also looks....oddly cute in my opinion. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Must say, the lava mosasaurus look works a lot better for it. And I don't think the Yoshi's Island Blargg is even the same enemy. (Too different design-wise)
(02-27-2018, 04:59 AM)Dolphman Wrote: [ -> ]Must say, the lava mosasaurus look works a lot better for it. And I don't think the Yoshi's Island Blargg is even the same enemy. (Too different design-wise)

Thanks! As for SMW vs YI Blarggs: Same name in all languages, though I think the blobby look came from it being made from that strange triangle object like many of the bosses in YI were.....anyways, it's probably why Nintendo made the Magmaargh and Magmaw in SMG2, to act as a sort of bridge between the "large reptile" and "blob" look.
Buster Beetle. I kinda goofed on the block's trajectory, but I was intending for it to be heavy. It's amazing how accurate I ended up given how half-asleep I am Tongue.

So yeah, gave one of Mario's most inexplicably underused enemies some sprites. I might upload a version without the arms so you can tell what the legs and head are doing easier, I don't know.

The walking was also intended to animate much faster, but the program I use to animate is UnFREEZ from 2001, so it's limited with its framerates.

EDIT: Missed a frame by mistake for the throwing animation. I now has it next to the original upload.
New update. Hope you don't shy away from it....

And yes, Beezo/Shy Away is massively tall on purpose. It just seemed right....

The alternate colors still exist, they just haven't been fully-assembled yet.

The shoes (aside from the Beezo's) are actually reused from the shoes I made for the Bony Beetle sprites.
Gonna give this thread a little poke.

What? I'm a fun guy.

In all seriousness, though, I wanted to fix one of this project's original blunders, and that was the small amount I edited Spiked Fun Guy, as well as the limited amount I edited Pokey out of fear of changing its hitbox too much. I finally have the flower down, though.

Fun fact: Pokey and the SMW2 Spiked Fun Guy have the same Japanese name of "Sanbo," so they may have been intended to be the same thing. It would explain why Spiked Fun Guy wasn't in YNI, but then again, Needlenose is also Sanbo.....
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