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Full Version: puggsoy's Bottomless Top Hat Of Sprites
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Decided to make a general thread for my rips, since I'll probably be doing more than just Professor Layton and Puggsy. It's also just better on the whole, one place for my rips helps myself, uploaders, and anybody else interested in them.

You can see a full list of all my submitted sheets here.

Hope y'all enjoy my rips!
Whipped this up today, it's been a while since I've done anything from Puggsy:

[Image: ibvUbi4rT4RxI4.png]
Sweet, btw Puggsy was one of my favorite games, it's too bad they never made a sequel to it.
Yes! What made it worse was that they even said to "look out" for it! I'm thinking of maybe making a fangame sequel sometime in the future.
Got it. Big Grin
So, uh, apparently I thought I got all of Wedgeham Castle, but I didn't. I just finished a certain quest, and it's totally remade, so if you could update the sheet that'd be great:

[Image: ikkleLrPI5riC.png]
Done. Wink
After a wee discussion with Dazz on redblueyellow's thread (sorry 'bout that) about transparency in sheets, I changed this sheet a bit:

[Image: inR6SyBx4uukS.png]

I'll try to submit some new stuff soon Tongue
Oh my god, you're doing London Life.

Thank you so much.
Updated. Tongue
Also hey Bynine!
(04-29-2012, 12:35 PM)BynineB Wrote: [ -> ]Oh my god, you're doing London Life.

Thank you so much.

No problem, cool that you like it! Here's some more:

[Image: iOKfIWAkPTfKJ.png] [Image: iROatYXnX8M38.png]
Got 'em. C:
Awesome, please do more Tongue
Here's some more Puggsy enemies:

[Image: iQIzgQr4tb8SZ.png]

The actual name is "Redwood Keep", but since that doesn't fit (the icon maker cuts off the K), I guess "Keep" is sufficient. If anyone would know of a potential fix for this, that would be awesome, since I'm sure I'll come across this problem again for other areas.
And in case you're wondering, the alternative Helmet palette is in a green box so that the blue doesn't interfere with the background.

Talking about alternative palettes, found a green font palette today while ripping the above sprites, so here's the updated sheet:
[Image: iborBjKK2IbOFY.png]

I'll try and get some more London Life stuff done, since everyone seems to love that Tongue
To fix cut off letters in the icon maker, try putting 2-3 spaces before every word.
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