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Ho ho ho! Ahoy there, everyone! The month of December rapidly approaches, friends, and the spirit of gift giving is soon to be upon us! As such, me and the Mrs. have decided that we should allow you all to sign up much earlier this year, in order to give you an entire month to work on your gift, making it something you know your partner will enjoy!

This is not a contest, not anything to get worked up about; this is all for fun, and gift-giving!

There are a specific set of rules you must abide by. If not, your secret santa experience won't be as fun.


You must be specific on whether you can participate or not. No ifs, ands, or buts. You're either in or you aren't.

You must post what your interests are/what you'd like to recieve. Be specific. Tell us what interests you, and what you'd like to see under your 'tree.' Failure to specify isn't anyone's fault, and if you get a gift that isn't exactly what you wanted, well, that's your fault for not taking the time to tell us.

You must make a gift for your partner. Please decide if you'll have the time before you post. If the gift is promised and not received before the new year is in, then you will be banned for one month and will not be allowed to participate in this or similar events the following year. But remember, you don't have to dedicate all your time towards this; it's the thought that counts!

All types of media are allowed. This means pixel art, drawings, flash, music, digital art, paintings, etc. etc. are allowed. NOTHING OFFENSIVE. If your gift contains anything that could be taken as vulgar, inappropriate, or harassment you will be warned.

Sign-up ends November 24th. After this, your partner's name will be sent out through PM.

You have from Nov. 25-27th until December 23rd to PM ME, FATHER CHRISTMAS, your gift. Please, don't spend ten minutes on it and call it done. Be thoughtful and work on your gift; how would you feel if you got a ten minute ms-paint doodle?

There's a PENALTY if you fail to pull through! You committed to submitting an entry, and we'll hold you to that. Those who fail to submit their present by the deadline will be banned for a month. I hope you follow through on your promises, you'll make us sad if you don't...

Feel free to ask any questions! This activity is meant to help us all have fun and enjoy the holiday season!

Ho ho ho! I'm sure we'll have a holly jolly Christmas this year, knowing you all! ;D

  • Sol
  • robo9
  • Solink
  • Devicho
  • Sploder
  • Burn
  • MoneyMan
  • Vipershark
  • Phantom K
  • TKGB
  • TomGuycott
  • Grooveman.exe
  • Key
  • Previous
  • Murderbeard
  • [fish in space]
  • Woppet
  • Jdaster64
  • Afrodisiac
  • Nindo
  • Misterssauga
  • Baegal
  • Gors
  • Rokkan
  • Metaru
  • Britt
  • Innocence
  • Fret
  • DrSlouch
  • Kat
  • Demonlemon
  • OSM
  • Black Boo
  • Girrtacos
  • Lexou
  • BynineB
  • Rosencrantz
  • CeeY
  • StarSock64
  • SpaceLugia22
  • Diogalesu
  • Fishmuffin
Sign me up!

Things I like:

My character (ref here)
Indie games
Video games (some favorites are Ico, Ōkami, TF2, Half-Life 2, Katamari Damacy, No More Heroes, LoZ: Wind Waker, FFTA, Bioshock, Cave Story, etc.)
Energy drinks
Sign me up as well!

All I really like is my ref and Kokoromori.
I'm in :]
Count me in, too! c:


(this is a sign-up post)

- Kiti (my OC/ref/whatever-you-wanna-call-it)
- Kirby (game)
- Mischief Makers (game)
- Drill Dozer (game)
- Bomberman (Jetters/64TSA) (game)
- Fire Emblem (game)
- Touhou (specificially Momizi) (game)
(11-17-2010, 08:53 PM)Father Christmas Wrote: [ -> ]how would you feel if you got a ten minute ms-paint doodle?

Everyone... you're forgetting to post your interests in your sign up post.

If you don't, then your partner won't know what to make for you... come on! Ho ho ho!
Well, I'm sure most people here have some idea of what I like, but just to be safe...
I love Pokemon, especially ghost Pokemon and pretty much any Pokemon that can be considered cute, even an awkward cute. I also really like the Puyo Puyo series, favorite character should be obvious. (Whose birthday is interestingly Christmas Eve I'm such a distinguished gentleman for knowing this.)
sign me the fuck up

how did I miss this
I'm in

I'd prefer my ref sprited in different styles, but you don't have to.
Just in case though, my (as of now) official ref is:
[Image: dsc02464n.jpg]

but you can check the love in my sig for what people have done with it (gorsal's is the most accurate)
edit- I have changed my ref a bit, though I haven't sprited it. Basically, the same spike anime hair coming from under the hat, and the green sunglasses are still there. There's still the black trenchcoat and black shirt under it, but the pants are now blue and the shoes aren't entirely black. The wings behind the trenchcoat are optional. And yes, those are black gloves with yellow designs on them.

apparently I have a new second ref as well, made by sploder
[Image: vshark103110.png]
konata ghast

I like:
Videogames (sonic, knuckles, castlevania, mario, etc)
Anime (Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, Gundam Wing, DBZ, Air Gear, Haruhi (Heart3333), Lucky Star (Heart3333), Azumanga Daioh (Kagura), etc)
My Sig (the red one :p)
Card games, like Yu-Gi-Oh or M:tG
Animated things

i'm also going to be making another gift for chaoxys because I don't like the one I did last year
I'm in

whoever gets me just do something with

<<----------this character right here (the ghost( with the bowler hat))

edit::: just gonna add that I love Toy Story and I'm probably gonna get a banjo for Christmas

YES! YES! YES! I've been waiting for this! Sign me up!

Currently working on a comic and would love to have some fanart of the main character:

Here's a concept pic I drew of her:
Sign me up too.

Interests include, but not limited to:

1. Tom Guycot (my most common reference)
2. Pokemon including especially Nidoking, Scizor, Infernape and Kirikizan.
3. Video games, favorites including but not limited to Megaman, No More Heroes, Castlevania, Pokemon, Dynasty Warriors, Final Fantasy, and lots of obscure classics like Clash at Demonhead, Little Samson and VICE: Project Doom.
4. Drawing, illustration, animation
5. Super-Amateur game making

Might add more stuff if I can think of it, but this is far more than is necessary anyway.
But of course.

I like:
Ice cream! And sweets in general.
Card games of any kind. From Poker to the Pokémon TCG.
Music! Mostly Hip Hop and Funky House. The Keytar is basically the coolest instrument ever invented.
With Pokémon, my favourite types are Elec and Ghost. Rotom is naturally my favourite Pokémon.
In RPGs, I tend to be the buff/debuff spellcaster. Warlocks, Mesmers, Green Mages...
Cyberpunk & Bright Sci-Fi. The MegaMan Battle Network games, .Hack, Ghost in the Shell, William Gibson, Cory Doctorow...

I'm pretty cool with whatever my gift is; but I would like a new avatar to use on The Sounds Resource. My old frankenedit of GrooveMan is horribly embarassing.

I'll have an up-to-date ref posted here shortly.
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