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Full Version: tSR SECRET SANTA 2010
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Poopy, I would've loved to be apart of this. ;3;
(11-25-2010, 10:27 AM)Murderbeard Wrote: [ -> ]someone might drop out/ might be odd numbers/ someone might be in a giving mood

imo you should post your wishlist/likes anyway

(11-25-2010, 04:42 PM)John Hale Wrote: [ -> ]I agree with rabid and say go ahead and post your interests as well; I know I'll probably do leftovers again.

(12-02-2010, 12:02 AM)soulcaliburfan Wrote: [ -> ]No big deal really. There are usually people who don't obtain anything, so just wait for this to end and pick up on it.
Ohhhh man, I'm going to go crazy with this one
I feel so lame, I haven't even started yet.
This is so difficult hrnnngnnnngnghhhh
I finally got a decent (and sensible) idea. I'm happy. Big Grin
i'm done with mine
and then some Wink
I finished mine early this year.

Early as in, not the day that it's due...
I honestly haven't even finished mine

and I only have like what, 12 days left?
Finished my gift. Big Grin

Now I only have

...3 more.

maaaaybe i'll be a little late on the extra gifts
I know exactly what I am doing the only problem is that Tablet and Photoshop don't work in safemode. So mouse and MSPaint it is.
Finally finished mine.

I started over, cause my first attempt wasn't to my liking.
Almost done with the lineart on mine. Luckily I color much faster than I lineart. (Somehow.)
half-done with everything i need to do
my classes are until 24 (yes, the admin is probably green and hairy), so i don't know when i could possibly finish
Anyone else here just starting theirs? Gonna Puke
I started not that long ago and I don't have a whole lot done so don't feel too bad.

I'm using my tablet which is my first ever tablet that I got around the 8th so I don't really know how to use it. Basically my line depths and colors and such are just gonna be thrown on however so I hope nobody cares heheh
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