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Full Version: tSR SECRET SANTA 2010
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Because I'm sure everyone's just burning to know; done.
FINISHED. Finally Dx
I am still bummed imageshack made the colors too bright, but meh
Just finished mine! Pretty glad with how it came out, and I sure hope the recipient likes it. c:

Just finished mine! Pretty disappointing with how it came out, and I sure hope the recipient hates it. :c
I can't tell if you are being sarcastic or not.
However, if not you still have time, make this holiday gift great!
Naw. I'm joking. It's a parody of the post before it.
i have this wednesday free to do what i have to.
my main gift is p much done now though
Just finished the lyrics mine, now I just have to record it. Hopefully it'll sound okay even though Ive had a sore throat lately :/

Be sure to send your gift in soon, folks! The time is drawing near!
Hey guys I'm in the land of dial up AKA my grandparent's so I won't be able to get my gift in in time. I'll give it in late, I just can't here due to my computer not being able to use dialup (using my grandparent's comp now). Sorry.
Mines done. Sent it to old santy clause.
damn, I really need to finish mine now.

If I can't get mine finished by tomorrow night I'll probably have to end up sending it as is (And to be honest with you all, I do not want to do that.), it was hard enough getting as far as I did considering all the work I've tried putting into it with all the crap that has gotten in the way of my life.

Get your gifts in, and get them in soon, folks! Christmas is almost here, everyone, and I've got people to meet, places to be, and an entire world waiting for presents! So get yours in! Ho ho ho!
i wont be able to send it before 24th, but i will send it because i'm not going to be at home until 24th.
No! I refuse! I don't want to! Whoever got me will not be getting his/her gift because I don't want to. BLEGH!

Man, I can't wait to see what I get.
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