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Full Version: tSR SECRET SANTA 2010
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Thank you to everyone who signed up! You'll receive a PM with the name of the person you'll be making a gift for by tomorrow night, hopefully! Depends on the Mrs. makes a good Thanksgiving dinner, ho ho ho!

Until then, folks!
whoops i just missed it
someone might drop out/ might be odd numbers/ someone might be in a giving mood

imo you should post your wishlist/likes anyway
welp Sad
i'd like something metroid if i get in somehow :p
Unfortunately, I cannot add you two, as the PMs have just been sent out! You may make each other gifts or something of the like, if you're up for that. Anything that shows you care shows Christmas spirit, so don't be disappointed!

As I said, ALL PMs HAVE BEEN SENT! If you have any questions, comments, or you didn't get your PM, send a PM to me, Father Christmas, or contact my associate, Dex (Giles Corey) through PM, MSN, or Skype!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I can't wait to see what you make! Ho ho ho!
Because you are definitely not Dex. Nope. Not at all.

@ C2B & Gnostic, I agree with rabid and say go ahead and post your interests as well; I know I'll probably do leftovers again.
Updated my list for whoever got me (Please check)
right. as it's a friday, i'll be able to work on this later.
feeling a bit christmas-y Smug
about 3/4 done, depending on what I want to add
i feel like an overachiever, being the only one posting.
I want to show someone my progress, but that would ruin everything, haha.
I'm pretty much done.

Still need to detail it, but for the most part I'm finished.
i'll try animating it this week (maybe)
Video Games
Indie Games (kinda)
Minecraft (currently)
...really not much
god I'm boring
No big deal really. There are usually people who don't obtain anything, so just wait for this to end and pick up on it.
Oh wow, how did I even manage to miss this thread this entire time? Sad
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