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The Official M&L3 Ripping Project *WARNING CONTAINS SPOILERS*

Okay. I got the hurt pose thanks to Ridge, and he got the unrotated spin for me as well. Thanks Ridge. =D
I used to be a mean asshole named Larry the Shlarp.
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@redblueyellow: Check the first post to see what's claimed or not. What's not on the list is available at the moment.

@Girrrtacos: Do you plan on adding more? If you check the first post, there is an overworld sheet which only includes the standard poses.

@Larry the Shlarp: Good, but a few minor mistakes on the sheet. Under the 9th frame of the overworld angry poses, you left a little black pixel behind. Plus you typed "Battle - Holl Attack" when it should've been "Battle - Roll Attack". And make sure the sheet is organized too.

@Everyone: Good luck!
[Image: 27348983yu7.png]
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Oh okay I just stumbled in here
I've been playing this game for the past few days and I'm actually...kinda stuck, lol. I have no idea what that uh...part is in Bowser's belly east of the Toad Shop.

btw, I've got a little knowledge of kana so I don't mind translating some of the names - I don't think I'm gonna do much ripping this time around, sorry :/

But I took a look at the filestructure - let me see if I can....I'm too lazy to figure it out ATM but it looks like most of the textures are Huffman-compressed whereas the palettes throughout are uncompressed. I'm sure Gary's tool could be of some use here.
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shoutouts to cutesu for the new av!
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Kosheh, do you think you really can translate the names? Check the enemies on the first post.
[Image: 27348983yu7.png]
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My mom's keyboard was broken, so I couldn't comment, but these are absolutely great, guys! Great job all around!
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I am right at Brirose.
I would rip her but I hate ripping battle. >_>; Anyone want the save state?
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Uh, are their names in the spritesheets? Because I'm kinda lazy and don't feel like backtracking.
Really don't care though - there's only like two enemies I've ran into so far, lol
And their names don't just literally translate lol

Spiny helmet blob = トゲーバ "togeeba" japanese Spiny is "togezo", not sure of the pun here.
blob goomba = サイボー "saiboo"/saibou, a pun on さいばう "saibau" pronounced the exact same way, meaning "cell" [in terms of biology] and "kuribo", japanese name for Goomba

I'm not Tim O'Leary so don't expect any clever names out of me.
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shoutouts to cutesu for the new av!
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My uncle knows some Japanese. He said the Cell Goombas are probably Cellbas.
I used to be a mean asshole named Larry the Shlarp.
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but but but
i don't get it
the game usually comes up with these enemies by playing off of existing japanese words

at least "saibou" sounds like the japanese word for the molecular cell and the thing's shaped like a goomba

if NOA were to have a try at it
well they're out of their SMRPG days so they'd proably call them Goomoeba or something

EDIT: I'd try to get the name of the fat goombas but I'm currently stuck as Bowser.

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shoutouts to cutesu for the new av!
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(02-15-2009, 01:10 AM)Larry the Shlarp Wrote: This is my Metaboss so far. The walking isn't done yet. I know.

And thanks to Ridge who animated it for me.

[Image: metaboss1nf3.gif]

I see that some of the sprites are rotated. Is there any way to get them in their un-rotated form?

EDIT: Actually, I quoted the wrong post. The animation with the tackle attack is rotated.
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OK, I saved all the enemies (on the first post). I didn't save the Bros or the NPCs cause there's way more to come.
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I'm not making any promises, but once I get ahold of the game I'll try my hand at ripping some backgrounds.
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That would be nice seeing as how no one has claimed them yet. That is if you are able to.
[Image: 27348983yu7.png]
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I think someone at MFGG did a couple.
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I updated the Chimney Goomba (because I wrote "pouch" instead of "punch") and possessed chomp's icon

[Image: chimneygoombaicondg2.png] [Image: possesedchompiconai5.png]
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