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The Official M&L3 Ripping Project *WARNING CONTAINS SPOILERS*
I heard the name Metaboss from several people as well, I think that's his Japanese name. The localized name might be different.
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I'm defenitely going to sprite something in this style.
Gosh it looks awesome. :o Can't wait for this game! Good job, guys.
[Image: 9fryz.gif] [Image: QUmE6.gif]
[Image: XwNYE.gif]
[Image: qjGOacY.png]

Click the link below to view the New Super Mario Kart Project! [Seizure Warning]

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It hasn't got overworld and it doesn't attack... it only calls enemies to the battle.

[Image: fawfulufoiconpi4.png]
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Another one... huge idle o.o

[Image: livingmeaticonoj9.png]
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Another one =D

[Image: burningflameiconzi6.png]
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For fat Goomba:
you forgot the Sprites if Bowser inhales his Lillopop

p.s. Sorry if someone said this already

If I knew how to rip I would help (maybe!)
Sorry for my bad English I´m German Wink
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I already knew it, but I can't go back right now, so I can't rip them at the moment.
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Good stuff! I'll add them in a few minutes.
[Image: 27348983yu7.png]
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Ok, I claim the giant black goomba, can you add my name to the claim list?
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Got it! Oh and I also added a list of sheets that are up for grabs. Mean they're sheets that are incomplete and available for others to finish. The only thing on that list is the File Selection Screen.
[Image: 27348983yu7.png]
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Man, I'd love to rip some sprites if I didn't want to spoil the game for myself.
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Sorry Ridge, I couldn't help myself.
[Image: mlrpg3bowserrunpt5.png]

There are still plenty more poses left though.
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Hm, do you think maybe you 2 could work together?
[Image: 27348983yu7.png]
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That's awesome, Elyk.
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Small sheet this time... This enemy comes with wiggler, that's why it hasn't got overworld.

[Image: seedyflyguyiconsl1.png]
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