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Vanillaware Ripping Project
Testing different blending modes:

[Image: 6BMOZo1.png]

Normal blending seems right for the sprite, but it is wrong for the arrow. The arrow should look closer to Additive blending.

But that isn't right either. The sprite now is over-exposed.

So far, I couldn't find anything about how to blend blend shadows. Most online tutorials is about stencil buffer, which is for real-time shadowing.

In a way, I'm stumped. Oh crap...

I'll be taking a break to research more on this topic. I might rip something else at the mean time. If anyone can help, or have experience on blending, let me know. Thanks!
- Rufas
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It´s really awesome!!!
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Messing around the quad files, I noticed Kuma (from Kumatanchi) have different animation tracks for her head and her body, but unlike Odin Sphere, her head isn't aligned with her body. That makes me suspect there is yet another assembly involved.

And indeed, there are yet another x,y data to position each animation tracks! That also means the sprites is assembled 2x times - from texture parts to frames, and then from frames to animation frames.

With the discovery of this new data, the quad file/player is revised. Do note this newer version isn't backward compatible with older quad file/player

In this "Skeleton" update, I bring you the new quad player and the following characters to play around.

[Image: TXGTt6c.png]


Until next time, take care!
- Rufas
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