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Some models from Go Vacation don't have correct T-Pose
3D Modelling 
Like the title says, I can't get the normal T pose on some models exported as DAE from Go Vacation Switch in Blender. For example the SCUBA diving suit. The male version does have the default T pose but the female don't. It's not an A pose either since it looks more like a frame of a idle animation. When I apply an animation to one of these models, they both work as if they have the same T pose. I'm confused. Here's an image:
[Image: unknown.png]
LEFT: Default bone armature.  -  RIGHT: Female SCUBA suit model armature.

Can someone help me how to get the T pose applied to the other model as well? I mean, it has to be somehow possible since animations work just fine when viewed in Switch Toolbox. I'll include the BFRES files and the exported DAE files here. Thanks in advance!  Wink

BFRES files

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Sorry for the bump but has anyone managed to fix it or can someone show me how to get the T-Pose working?
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